Connect to Another Brosix Team Network

Sometimes team collaboration takes you outside the realm of your Team Network. That’s why Brosix gives you the ability to connect your Team Instant Messaging Network to another Brosix Network.

Network Connections 1

Network Connections enable teams on different Brosix Networks to collaborate with each other. Once a connection is established, administrators can define the scope of the collaboration to take place between the two networks, sharing their entire Brosix Network or taking a more targeted approach and sharing specific users.

Join Forces with Other Team Networks for Unlimited Collaboration Potential

With Network Connections, internal communication and collaboration are never constrained by the boundaries of your Brosix Team Network.

Often, companies collaborate with outside consultants and freelancers. They carry out joint projects between various teams, or explore joint ventures with other companies. In many cases, companies simply comprise different branches, offices, or teams on separate team networks.

Here’s an example. With Network Connections, partner companies operating on separate Brosix Networks, such as insurance brokers working under a parent client, could connect their networks to communicate and collaborate internally.

By enabling you to connect to other Team Networks, Network Connections allows you to bypass potential barriers to communication, unlock greater potential for collaboration, and take team productivity to the next level.

Collaboration Should Enhance Teamwork, Not Stifle It

Connecting to another Team Instant Messaging Network is easy. The Network Connections feature is found on your Web Control Panel under Settings —> Connections. You can request to connect to another network by following the instructions on your screen. You can also refer to this tutorial.

From there, you can:

  • Connect your Team Network to another
  • Choose which users to share with the other network
  • View communication between your users and those shared to your Team Network

Brosix Team Networks and features are carefully designed to protect your communication and ensure data security. When connected to another network, Admins see only information that has explicitly been shared with them, namely shared users and chat histories between shared users from both networks. Users shared to other networks, including user-specific permissions, remain under your full control. Communication inside your Brosix Team Network remains wholly private, invisible to the other instant messaging network.

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