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Brosix for Windows

Installs Brosix on a Windows computer or laptop.


Installer instructions
Portable instructions

download_icon Installer (.exe)


download_icon Portable (.zip)




Brosix for Mac

Use all Brosix features on a Mac computer.



download_icon Download (.dmg)




Brosix for Android

Stay in touch on your Android phone or tablet.



download_icon Download

from Google Play


download_icon Download (.apk)

from Brosix site




Brosix for iOS

It runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.



download_icon Download

from iTunes




Brosix for Linux

Use all Brosix features on a Linux computer or laptop.



download_icon Ubuntu (.deb)


download_icon Ubuntu x64 (.deb)


download_icon Fedora (.rpm)


download_icon Fedora x64 (.rpm)


download_icon Portable (.tar.gz)


download_icon Portable x64 (.tar.gz)



Web client

Brosix Web Client

Use Brosix right from your web browser. No installation is required.





Have fun and enjoy the Free Version of Brosix!


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Brosix Enterprise

With Brosix Enterprise, you can create your own private Instant Messenger in a minute. It will have all the features you love about Brosix, plus you also get a full control over the Instant Messaging group you create. This is suitable for companies, organizations, and teams that want enterprise-level communication through the Internet.

Compare Brosix Personal and Brosix Enterprise