Mobile Features

Mobile IM Features

Brosix instant messaging features available on its mobile apps allow you to communicate better on the go. Mobile features are included in the Application and the Enterprise versions.

Mobile Communication Features

Secure encrypted peer to peer text messaging with your contacts. Chat in real time from your mobile device.

Chat with multiple contacts in real time. Stay up to date with your team on the go.

Use a range of emoticons to better communicate with your contacts. Show your contacts exactly how you’re feeling.


Mobile Chat Features

Receive all your messages while you are away as soon as you return online. Never miss a message.

Automatically sync your chat history from all of your devices so that your communication is in one place.

Access your chat history directly from your device in order to keep better track of your conversations.

Mobile Collaboration Features

Quickly and easily share visuals with your contacts for better communication.

Organize your contacts into custom groups for easier communication.

Easily share your current location with contacts, and receive theirs in return.


Live chat activation

Mobile Supplementary Features

Get instant notifications on your mobile device when someone messages you.

Receive ongoing updates aimed at increasing functionality and usability.

Use Brosix on a wide range of devices- iOS phones, iPads, Android phones and tablets. Brosix web is always available as well.

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