IM as business solution

IM as a Business Solution

June 7, 2016   Instant Messaging

Are you searching for a way to improve business communication? Using IM software in the workplace is more common than ever before.

While you may have overlooked the benefits of instant messaging in the past, you don’t want to do so in the future. Thanks to advanced technology, there are more benefits than most people realize.

Before we discuss the finer details of this business solution, it’s important to better understand the basics.

At Brosix, for example, we take great pride in providing a safe, secure, and efficient private chat tool. Our secure enterprise instant messenger is defined as follows:

“Brosix is a highly secure private instant messaging tool which provides features specially designed for business and enterprise messaging purposes.”

Easy enough, right?

Reasons to Use an IM Software in the Workplace

It’s one thing to say that you understand the benefits of instant messaging in the workplace. It’s another thing entirely to truly realize what this technology has to offer, how it can be implemented, and the ways it will change your company for the better.

Here are 10 of the top benefits of using this technology in the workplace:

  1. Safe and Secure
  2. Are you concerned about the safety and security associated with other forms of communication? In today’s day and age, you know that this is a major problem, with many of the biggest companies in the world having faced security breaches in the past.

    With the right instant messaging solution, you don’t have to concern yourself with this. Instead, you know that every message is safe and secure at all times.

  3. Screen Sharing with Remote Desktop Control
  4. There is no denying the fact that many companies are now offering the flexibility of working at home. This is a growing trend that is not going to slow down any time in the near future.

    While this is a good idea on many levels, it can make collaboration a challenge. Unless you have the right IM in place, of course.

    With online screen sharing, a person can share his or her screen with someone else. This provides the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment, even if both parties are on opposite sides of the world.

  5. Employees Love It
  6. It is important to keep employees happy and satisfied. While this is easier said than done, one of the best things you can do is provide high quality, top of the line technology.

    Some people don’t like meeting with others in person. Others don’t want to pick up a phone to ask a quick question. And even though there are many benefits of email, this has a way of bogging people down throughout the workday.

    With instant messaging, all of this pain goes away. Employees have the opportunity to communicate in real time.

  7. Save Money
  8. How much money do you spend every year on travel? Maybe you do this to meet with clients. Maybe you do this to meet with prospects. Or maybe you do this because you need to visit with a remote worker in person.

    There will always be times when a face-to-face meeting is the best approach. But remember this: you don’t have to do this every time you have to communicate with someone.

    With the help of an instant messaging solution, you can save quite a bit of money on the cost of travel.

    Imagine this: if instant messaging solution saves you from purchasing five airline tickets every year, you will have thousands of more dollars in the bank.

  9. Save Time
  10. Time is money, right? If you believe this to be true, the last thing you want to do is waste time on meetings during which nothing gets accomplished.

    A team chat ensures that this does not continue to bog you down in the future. Why meet with your entire team in a conference room when you can use a group chat feature? Not only does this save everyone time, but it makes for a more efficient process. On top of this, all communication is saved and logged, meaning that you can review it in the future.

  11. Multiple Languages
  12. Many instant messaging programs are offered in one language: English. With Brosix, this is not the case. We have clients all over the world, and this is why we offer our program in a variety of languages.

    Here is what we have to say about this:

    “Brosix speaks multiple languages to help multi-cultural teams work together. Just to name some – English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Bulgarian, Czech, Turkish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese.”

    Maybe you have people on your team from different parts of the world. Forget about the language barriers that have held you back in the past. You can use Brosix to bypass this challenge, ensuring that every team member is able to communicate in an efficient manner.

  13. Voice Chat
  14. Are you still using a traditional telephone or smartphone to hold work conversations? This may never completely die, but many IM programs now offer voice chat.

    With voice chat, you don’t have to use a traditional phone. Instead, you can let your computer do all the work for you.

    Best yet, you can combine this with a variety of other features. For example, you can jump on a phone call with a coworker while also sharing your screen. This brings together the best of both worlds, allowing you to make the most of each and every conversation.

  15. Everyone is on the Same Page
  16. One of the biggest problems with office communication is that some people want to do one thing while others focus on another strategy.

    If half your office is interested in email communication but the rest want to send text messages, you could soon have a problem. Not only will some people get upset, but information can get lost along the way.

    With a comprehensive instant messaging solution, you don’t have to worry about this. You can get everyone on the same page as to improve communication in an overall sense.

  17. Features, Features, and More Features
  18. In the early days of instant messaging, you weren’t able to do much more than send and receive messages. And then something happened. Technology improved and IM companies began to make serious changes.

    Now, an IM solution gives you access to quite a few features, all of which have something special to offer. We discuss this in great detail on our website, noting the following:

    “Some of the most useful features are Text Chat, File Transfers, Voice Chat, Video Chat,Screen Shot, Screen Sharing (aka Desktop Sharing), Whiteboard, Cooperative Browsing(co-browsing), and much more.”

  19. Outdo the Competition

Regardless of your industry, you know one thing to be true: there will always be quite a bit of competition. It is how you deal with your competitors that will determine how much success you have.

One of the best ways to outdo the competition in 2016 is to spend more money on technology. When you have the best technology you can generate the best results. Along with this, you will find it much easier to attract top talent. Though technology can be pricy, this investment can easily be the business solution you’ve been looking for.

You may never know if your primary competitors are using an IM solution, but you can control what you do within your company. This is why you should find and implement the best instant messaging technology. Don’t take any risks when it comes to this detail.

Questions to Answer

Now that you understand the benefits of using IM software in the workplace, it’s time to answer a few questions. By doing so, you will have a better idea of how to get started.

Here are seven questions to address:

  • Do you have any experience using an instant messenger?
  • What types of communication challenges have you faced in the past?
  • What do you consider to be the most important instant messaging features?
  • What process will you follow to compare the many instant messaging applications that are available?
  • Are you okay with the idea of paying to use a team chat?
  • Is it important to you that you find an instant messenger without much of a learning curve?
  • Are you ready to implement this technology today?

Some of these questions are easy to answer while others may take more time and effort on your part. You aren’t in a rush. You should take your time, review each one, and only move onto the next question when you are comfortable doing so.

Final Thoughts

Go back in time 10 years and instant messaging was in its infancy. Sure, there were basic programs such as AIM, but these were not robust enough to meet the needs of enterprise users.

In today’s world, everything has changed. Enterprise instant messaging programs are available, with each one providing benefits to the user.

Once you understand everything that a business instant messenger has to offer, you can decide if this is a viable business solution for you.

What is your experience with an instant messenger in the workplace? Do you have any other benefits to add to this list?