Case Studies

Brosix improves productivity and communication

Learn how Brosix helped organizations of all sizes increased their productivity and reduce operational costs.

Unetixs Vascular Incorporated.

“Collaboration on the Brosix network keeps your team members connected!”

Parsons & Associates Inc.

“Brosix keeps colleagues connected, and allows them to feel as if they are working in the same physical location, wherever they may be located.”

Integrated Claims Services Ltd

“The ability to stay connected to colleagues while on the road is a crucial element to any business with large amounts of work related travel.”

Advanced Group

“Relying only on traditional email does not allow for the instantaneous communication necessary in a dynamic workplace.”

Elite Lockers

“With Brosix you get a private team network that is simple to use and manage, which allows your team members to quickly and directly collaborate with each other”

Acme Construction Supply

“The dedicated Brosix Team Chat Network reduces the necessity of collaborating through email channels, and gives you the tools to momentarily communicate and share information between team members.”

Magnitude Software, Inc.

“Brosix is crucial for providing end user support without the need for telephone calls or full remote support software”

The Friendship Center

“We were a small business without enough resources or employees to warrant the purchase or development of an instant messenger service that would be run on our server. Our offices were spread out on opposite sides of the building…”

Fortune3, Inc. – E-commerce software and web hosting provider

“Since switching to Brosix, our support costs down by 8% and our programming costs have also decreased by 5%.”

Intecons Software Lab – Software Developers

“Brosix has certainly doubled our productivity!”

Mark Acutt – Online Website Mentor

“We have full control who uses the system and can isolate individual users for privacy.”

Refract Speech – Intelligent Search Engine provider

“Brosix is perfect, has all the features we need and is a fantastic bonus in helping us achieve the global local office feel.”

Institute of Safety and Health Management

In order for ISHM to provide the highest quality service and certifications, the organization must work in an efficient manner at all times. This means a targeted focus on internal communication.

TriTek Corp.Computer controlled robotic stations

“It keeps things very simple for our customers!” “Brosix increased our productivity during troubleshooting exponentially!”

Brosix review –

“Remote Screen control is DOUBLY AWESOME! This alone makes Brosix a valuable tool for remote support of my Linux users!”

Michael Rucker

“Brosix just encrypts everything right out of the box without complicated configuration which only confuses less knowledgeable users.”

Russ Hess, IT Admin at South Western Payroll Service

“My favorite aspect of Brosix is the ability to assist users from a distance by helping them change passwords, setting up PCs and many other admin duties.”