Brosix improves productivity and communication

Learn how Brosix helped organizations of all sizes increased their productivity and reduce operational costs.

“With Brosix, we can better communicate between spas and management and are able to communicate more efficiently.”

“Brosix gives us HIPAA security protection and encryption.”

“We tried another team communication solution, but didn’t like their customer support.”

“Brosix provides a cost effective hosted IM platform with Smarsh compliant IM archiving.”

“Brosix helps us with timely communication with teams of telecommuters and office employees.”

“We were led to Brosix when we were looking to find a chat client that did not have spam or viruses.”

“We find screenshots, file transfers most useful. We send files to each other and can share our screens quickly.”

“We needed an encrypted IM system that was partially station dependent and partially user dependent.”

“Brosix allowed faster access to individuals via secure mobile communication, ie cell phone and laptop.”

“We wanted to enable secure collaboration, and Brosix fit our needs.”

“Our people can coordinate things without email, get instant feedback and can screen share.”

“Brosix is an instant way for employees at different locations to speak to one another.”

“Brosix helped us address the challenge of employees needing to stay off our phone lines but still needing to communicate with one another.”

“Brosix was an easy to deploy secure chat solution, it was everything we were looking for and more.”

“Brosix gives us streamlined communication and a faster response time to clients and members.”

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