Case Studies

Brosix improves productivity and communication

Learn how Brosix helped organizations of all sizes increased their productivity and reduce operational costs.

Viva Day Spa

“With Brosix, we can better communicate between spas and management and are able to communicate more efficiently.”

Solara Medical Supplies

“Brosix gives us HIPAA security protection and encryption.”

Roosevelt Investments

“Brosix helps us with timely communication with teams of telecommuters and office employees.”

Juridicon Law Firm

“Brosix saved more than 50 hours per month of our time.”

Polaris Danforth

“We were led to Brosix when we were looking to find a chat client that did not have spam or viruses.”

Carriage House Chiropractic and Acupuncture

“Brosix allowed faster access to individuals via secure mobile communication, ie cell phone and laptop.”

Altfest Personal Wealth Management

“Our people can coordinate things without email, get instant feedback and can screen share.”

Legacy Self Storage

“Brosix is an instant way for employees at different locations to speak to one another.”

Pathways Financial Credit Union

“Brosix was an easy to deploy secure chat solution, it was everything we were looking for and more.”

Premier Manufacturing

“We needed a way for people to communicate one-to-one that wasn’t as disruptive as a phone but faster than e-mail.”

Preferred Insurance Group

“We needed a chat solution that would work inside Terminal Services, was stable, and could keep chat logs that at Admin could access.”

DisABLED Workers

“Yes, we tried different team communication solutions, Brosix has had the most useful functions.”


“We previously tried (other IM programs), but the openness of these platforms was an issue for us as we could not control outside non-work related communications, and there was no uniformity with the platform”

Holiday Travel of America

“Brosix is an IM solution with other great collaboration features.”

The Shaker Group

“With some remote users, it was important to find a way to link them with the team in real time.”

Quality Automotive Accessories, Inc.

“We needed a better way of communicating without employees having to leave their desk or use the phone line.”


“We rely heavily on Brosix. It’s a wonderful product and I recommend it to whomever has a need for this type of product.”

Hild Collision Center

“Brosix was the most ‘Yahoo-like’ system I could find. This greatly reduces the user’s learning curve of new software and greatly increases the acceptance of the software.”

Unetixs Vascular Incorporated.

“Brosix helps us communicate and work with our outside reps and makes it feel like we are all in the office”

Parsons & Associates Inc.

“Email quantities are exploding and to get a quick answer an IM solution is much better”

Integrated Claims Services Ltd

“Brosix IM is better for communicating- faster than email”

Advanced Group

“The Brosix Application is immediate and doesn’t get lost in the sea of messages”

Elite Lockers

“Brosix is a more reliable and manageable chat system”

Acme Construction Supply

“Brosix Team Chat Network reduces the necessity of collaborating through email channels!”

Magnitude Software, Inc.

“Brosix is live and allows for screen sharing. Emails, on the other hand, are back and forth and take much longer for a resolution to be reached.”

The Friendship Center

“We were a small business without enough resources or employees to warrant the purchase or development of an instant messenger service that would be run on our server. Our offices were spread out on opposite sides of the building…”

Fortune3, Inc. – E-commerce software and web hosting provider

“Since switching to Brosix, our support costs down by 8% and our programming costs have also decreased by 5%.”

Intecons Software Lab – Software Developers

“Brosix has certainly doubled our productivity!”

Mark Acutt – Online Website Mentor

“We have full control who uses the system and can isolate individual users for privacy.”

Refract Speech – Intelligent Search Engine provider

“Brosix is perfect, has all the features we need and is a fantastic bonus in helping us achieve the global local office feel.”

Institute of Safety and Health Management

In order for ISHM to provide the highest quality service and certifications, the organization must work in an efficient manner at all times. This means a targeted focus on internal communication.

TriTek Corp.Computer controlled robotic stations

“It keeps things very simple for our customers!” “Brosix increased our productivity during troubleshooting exponentially!”

Brosix review –

“Remote Screen control is DOUBLY AWESOME! This alone makes Brosix a valuable tool for remote support of my Linux users!”

Michael Rucker

“Brosix just encrypts everything right out of the box without complicated configuration which only confuses less knowledgeable users.”

Russ Hess, IT Admin at South Western Payroll Service

“My favorite aspect of Brosix is the ability to assist users from a distance by helping them change passwords, setting up PCs and many other admin duties.”