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Improving team communication is the key to higher workplace efficiency. Brosix combines all communication channels in one platform and transforms the way you work with others. Now you can experience the full team benefits at a 10% lifetime discount


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All the features of Brosix for less

All in One Package

Brosix gives you all of the collaboration tools that you need to increase your team’s productivity in one easy to use platform.

Reduced Costs

Brosix’s comprehensive team and individual chat features give you all of the necessary team communication and collaboration tools in one affordable product.

Increased Efficiency

Team chatting, conference texting, and visual demonstrations on a virtual whiteboard are just some of the tools that you’ll receive with Brosix aimed at improving the speed and efficiency of team communication.

Customized Experience

You can customize your private team network to your specific needs, and facilitate even greater team collaboration.

Secure Network

Brosix uses full data encryption for all team chat and data transfer features. Your team has the freedom to actively and openly collaborate without privacy or security concerns.

Unlimited Secure Data Transfer

Transferring files is simple, secure and unlimited on Brosix. Data encryption and file compression ensures that you can share your data quickly and in total safety.

What Our Customers Say

Tracy M. Trawick, Superior Senior Care, Inc.

We enjoy Brosix immensely! It is simple to use with tons of features. I am responsible for the support of our 60+ users at our 18 branch offices and the screen sharing feature is my go-to tool. It makes it easy for me and the end users. We give Brosix an A+.

Jordan Downer

Brosix is a great fit for our company! Being able to create new users and have them automatically show up on the contact list for everyone is the most useful feature for us. It makes adding a new employee to the communication chain very easy.

Robert Downey, International Risk Consultants, Inc.

I use Brosix everyday. Very useful, very clean, very simple and effective.

Candi Pearson, Hometown Health Care

I love Brosix! It makes my job easier and allows me to complete tasks much faster.

Cameron Verstraete, Autohaus on Edens Mercedes-Benz

Many other systems could learn a thing or two from Brosix. The desktop and admin page are rock solid and the desktop share and control feature is easier to use than any other system I’ve used thus far.

Rebecca J. Wilson, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

Brosix is a lifesaver during our busy tax season when we have forty people in eleven different offices.


Brosix Discount Pricing Information


$1.89 $2.10
per user per month

  • For teams that want to optimize their work process by using collaboration features
  • Basic plan +
  • Chat rooms, File transfer, Screenshot, Screen sharing, Whiteboard, Co-Browse, Audio/Video and Welcome plugins
  • Custom logo
  • Integration with Active Directory


$2.69 $2.99
per user per month

  • For companies and enterprises that want a whole package with a lot of features
  • Pro Plan +
  • Multiple administrators for Control Panel, Security levels to access user data, Profile and password changes control
  • External Protocols plugin
  • Web Guest feature
  • Local groups

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Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android

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