Guide to network administration

Step-by-Step Guide to Network Administration

My Brosix Team Network is up and running, how can I administer it in the most efficient way?

Now that your team network is set up and configured, you can begin focusing on how to best administer it. In order to get the most out of your team network, it’s important to be familiar with all of the different administration aspects. Below you will find some basic descriptions of the different aspects of network administration on Brosix Enterprise, as well as links to more detailed tutorials for each:

Brosix Web Control Panel

Adding a new network administrator

You can add additional network administrators to your team network with predefined administration privileges. Read more in the tutorial on adding new administrators.

Note: this feature is for customers with the Premium Brosix Plan.

Accessing the chat history archive

You can access your network’s chat history archives for different time periods and in different user configurations. Read more in the tutorial on how to access chat history archives.

Adjusting the time zone offset for the chat history archive

You can set the time zone that your network’s chat history archive adheres to. Read more in the tutorial on how to set the time zone offset.

Customizing your team network

You can visually customize your network by adding your own custom logo and company URL. Read more in the tutorial on customizing your team network.

Ordering user licenses

You can order new user licenses through the web control panel. Read more in the tutorial on how to order user licenses.

Creating statistical charts on network usage

You can create a variety of charts to display different network usage statistics. Read more in the tutorial on setting up custom statistical charts.

Configuring the Brosix live guest chat

You can set up and configure the live chat feature for guests on your website. Read more in the tutorial on how to configure the live guest chat features.

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