Solara Medical Supplies - Case Study

About Solara Medical Supplies

Solara Medical Supplies is a medical supply company serving the American diabetes community for over two decades. From their locations in four states across the country, Solara Medical Supplies works to meet the needs of their customers with 24/7 ordering, home delivery across the country, and help with insurance and Medicaid paperwork. Central to Solaris Medical Supplies’ mission is providing their customers with the best possible service.

The Challenge

Businesses working in the US healthcare sector are subject to the security and privacy regulations outlined in the HIPAA legislation. Part of this legislation are standards for how patients’ data should be secured and kept private when being used within a healthcare organization. This means that a healthcare business like Solaris Medical Supplies’ internal communication must meet a high level of security standards that many simply do not.

The Solution

Brosix Instant Messenger aims to provide its customers with the highest level of security available, in the process making it easy for those working in the healthcare sector to meet HIPAA compliance measures. Brosix was able to provide Solaris Medical Supplies with a secure internal communication solution that would not only keep its employees in four separate states in touch and efficiently communicating, but also provide them with the ease of mind that their customers’ sensitive personal data is kept secure.

The Conclusion

Patient security is a fundamental right, and one that healthcare organizations must do their utmost to protect. By helping Solaris Medical Supplies meet the stringent HIPAA standards, Brosix was able to support Solaris Medical Supplies in fulfilling its customer-centered mission of providing the best service possible. Brosix also contributed to this mission by providing Solaris Medical Supplies with the team collaboration tools necessary to keep employees in different physical locations connected and engaged.

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