Preferred Insurance Group- Case Study

About Preferred Insurance Group

Preferred Insurance Group is an independent brokerage firm providing a full range of insurance products to its clients with a team that brings over 200 years of experience to their work. From its three locations in Ontario, Canada, the Preferred Insurance Group offers its customers a range of insurance services with a focus on personal customer-centered service.

The Challenge

In dynamic customer-centered businesses keeping track of team members’ communication is crucial. Often times a chat between two colleagues can have implications for the work of others, and being able to access this communication at a future date is of vital importance. This was a particular challenge that Preferred Insurance Group faced, and which guided their search for a team communication solution that would allow them to access employees’ chat records when the given employee was unavailable.

The Solution

With Brosix, Preferred Insurance Group found a solution to their challenge of being able to keep track of employees’ communication. The Chat History Archive feature on Brosix allows their team network’s administrator to access employee chat records, which is particularly useful in situations when the given employee was unavailable. With this feature, Preferred Insurance Group avoids situations where vital information from an employee’s chat is inaccessible, thus slowing done work processes.

The Conclusion

Accessing and sharing employee communication is important in order to keep work processes smoothly flowing. A team communication solution should allow administrators to keep track of employee communication in order to avoid any stoppages in the flow of information within the team. Brosix Instant Messenger’s Chat History Archive feature tracks and saves team communication, allowing administrators to access it when necessary.

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