Detailed Comparison between Brosix Plans

Our different plans give you options to make the best decision for your business.

Brosix Enterprise
is a paid chat for business service that is based on the number of users in your private network. Try a FREE 30-Day Trial of the Brosix Enterprise instant messaging network before subscribing to the service. There are three flavors of Brosix Enterprise to best suit your needs: Basic, Pro and Ultimate.

Brosix Personal is a FREE version of Brosix that allows individuals to utilize all the benefits of Brosix Enterprise without the cost. However, unlike Brosix Enterprise, Brosix Personal users will not receive their own private chat network and will instead use the still-secure Brosix network.


  • Who is it for?
  • All features are available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Mobile applications may have limited features set due to their technical limits.Applications for
    windows logo Windows
    Mac logo Mac
    Linux logo Linux
    Android logo Android
    apple logo iPhone
    Web client logo Web
  • Text chat
  • If the user is offline he will receive your message as soon as he/she gets online. Offline text messages
  • Chat transcripts are stored locally for later review.Chat history
  • Users can create persistent chat rooms Chat Rooms
  • High speed file transfer over direct peer-to-peer channels that are secured and encrypted. File transfer
  • Send a picture of your screen with a single click. Screenshot
  • Remotely control the desktop of your colleague and help him with his computer. Screen sharing
  • Share pictures and drawings in real time on an MS-paint like application window. Whiteboard
  • Browse web sites together by sharing the same view of the screen. No more links or URL exchange is needed. Co-Browse
  • Make a voice call over the Internet on thousands miles away. You can activate a video to see each other. Audio calls
  • Video calls
  • Send a message at once to all or to a group of users.
    NOTE: Enterprise versions fully control which user can use this feature.
    Broadcast message
  • Enterprise features

  • IM network that you have full control on it. You control who can join the network and what features to use. Private team network
  • Control your entire IM network from a web browserWeb Control Panel
  • You can enable and disable features for each user Features control
  • Full control over user accounts:
    - create/edit/disable accounts
    - edit user contacts list
    - enable/disable features for each user
    Manage team users
  • Get access to all user activity logs in your private IM network. Chat History Archive
  • Technical support
  • Synchronize Brosix accounts with your Active Directory Active Directory integration
  • Show news and events to users in your IM network Welcome module
  • Show your company logo on Brosix applications to improve the experience of your users as they have a visual confirmation they are working with your IM network. Custom logo
  • Your web site visitors can chat with your support department employees on Brosix. Web live chat
  • Users can create groups in their contact lists.Local groups
  • You can disallow users to change their profiles: first name, last name, email etc.Control Profile Changes
  • You can disallow users to change their passwords.Control Password Changes
  • Create multiple accounts to use Web Control Panel. You can set them to access different parts of the panel.Multiple administrators in the Control Panel
  • Set some of your users data to be highly protected. Only a limited number of Web Control Panel administrators can access these users.Security levels for user data access
  • Private groups
  • Chat Room Controls
  • Chat History Expiration



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