Case Study – Elite Lockers

About Elite Lockers

Elite Lockers is a Mexican based sporting goods company specializing in sports items for men, women and children. The company was founded in 1997.

The Challenge

Not all chat networks are simple and easy to manage, and traditional email can delay communication. This can inhibit a company of nearly 100 people from having direct and fast communication, a key element to team collaboration.

The Solution

Brosix provides a user friendly chat application that allows employees to easily and quickly communicate between each other. Brosix’s reliability also helps to facilitate a smooth user experience.

The Conclusion

Usability and ease of management are crucial features for any team chat network and, when their levels are high, can encourage users to more actively communicate. With Brosix you get a private team chat network that is simple to use and manage, which allows your team members to quickly and directly collaborate with each other.

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