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Magnitude Software, Inc.

One of the top companies in its space
“Innovative corporate performance management, master data management and data connectivity solutions that deliver trusted business insights by way of software automation, data governance and control, and reusable reports and content.”
We recently connected with Peter Harb, a Software Support Engineer at Magnitude. As one of our top customers, we were anxious to learn how the company uses Brosix, which features they rely on the most, and other key details regarding their approach to business communication.

How many people within your company use Brosix?

Generally speaking, there are 15 people in total, with two at any one time. This excludes internal end users.

What are your favorite features of Brosix?

We enjoy the ability to see the end user’s screen, as well as the red arrow for directing a user to a particular object.

What are some of the ways Brosix has changed the way your company communicates?

It is our only IM-based live customer contact tool, so it is crucial for providing end user support without the need for telephone calls or full remote support software.

How does Brosix help where other forms of communication, such as email, come up short?

Brosix is live and allows for screen sharing. Emails, on the other hand, are back and forth and take much longer for a resolution to be reached.

Are there any features you would like to see in a future release?

We would love to see the ability to email a copy of each conversation to the end user and support engineer automatically, along with any missed conversations. Also, audio calling, if that is possible.


So, there you have it. Peter Harb is just one of the many people at Magnitude Software, Inc. who use Brosix on a regular basis.
This case study provides an overview of how one company is using Brosix to improve communication internally and with clients.
Through the use of Brosix, companies of all sizes and industries are able to change the way their internal team communicates. With a variety of features, as well as a simple to use interface, users find that they’re able to save many hours of time each week.
Most companies realize that access to more than one communication tool is important, but also that the use of Brosix can save them time and money, while also improving efficiency.


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