Case Study – Magnitude Software

Magnitude Software, Inc.- One of the top companies in its space



Peter Harb, a Software Support EngineerMagnitude Software, Inc.
“Brosix is crucial for providing end user support without the need for telephone calls or full remote support software”
“Brosix is live and allows for screen sharing. Emails, on the other hand, are back and forth and take much longer for a resolution to be reached.”

About Magnitude Software, Inc.

Magnitude Software Inc. supports companies to access, analyze and act on the right data, delivering data-driven insights that increase corporate performance management. With clients ranging from Fortune 500 to mid-sized organizations around the globe, Magnitude Software Inc. provides CPM, MDM and Data Connectivity Solutions focused on providing their clients with the results driven solutions.

The Challenge

Providing customers with high quality support is both a priority and potential competitive advantage for any business. Doing so without the need for time-consuming phone calls, back and forth emailing, or dedicated and expensive full remote support software is a particular challenge for small and medium sized businesses focused on time and cost savings.

The Solution

Brosix’s Live Chat with Web Guests feature allows businesses to provide real-time customer support without the need for additional software. When coupled with the screen sharing and remote desktop features, team members can also give customers firsthand instructions and more easily diagnose problems, therefore reducing the amount of time needed to address their issues.

The Conclusion

Having customer support integrated into a Private Team Network provides a single platform for employees’ communication needs, thus increasing efficiency and reducing costs. The ability to interact with clients in several ways, through screen sharing, live chatting and other features, gives companies the ability to provide the highest level of customer support without the need for additional software.


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