Viva Day Spa - Case Study

About Viva Day Spa

Viva Day Spa is a local spa with 3 locations in the greater Austin, Texas area, voted Best Spa in Austin by several local media outlets. Known for its wide range of spa procedures for both men and women, Viva Day Spa aims at providing its customers with a relaxing personal experience. Viva Day Spa’s mission is to provide a first class spa experience for the mind, spirit and body.

The Challenge

Businesses operating in multiple locations often struggle with keeping employees connected. This is particularly true when relying on phone and email as the main modes of communication, as these communication methods can often be slow and inefficient. With its 3 separate locations, Viva Day Spa was looking for a team communication solution that would keep all of its employees across locations connected in order to provide the best service possible to its customers.

The Solution

Through its Brosix private team network, Viva Day Spa is able to keep its employees connected regardless of their location. Viva Day Spa’s team is able to communicate more efficiently with features such as group chat, which is particularly useful for the management. Staying connected on an ongoing basis helps the team at Viva Day Spa better fulfil its mission of providing their customers with the most relaxing spa experience possible by allowing team members to quickly and efficiently share information, seek out answers to customer inquiries, and stay connected across multiple locations.

The Conclusion

Keeping team members connected across multiple locations is crucial to helping a business best meet its customers’ needs. The team at Viva Day Spa is able to use its Brosix private team network for just that, making their network a crucial tool for helping them to more efficiently achieve their customer-centered mission.

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