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About Integrated Claims Services Ltd

Integrated Claims Ltd provides Damage Appraisals for all Insurance Providers and Adjusting firms in Western Canada utilizing the latest technology and Software in order to minimize vehicle downtime. Physical offices are located in Calgary, Edmonton, Brooks/Medicine Hat, Camrose and Lethbridge AB. Integrated Claims Ltd also provides further service to more remote areas via their network of qualified Independent Appraisers throughout Canada and USA.

The Challenge

Staying connected with team members while on the road can be a challenge for any business, especially those with a high volume of travel factored into their core business. The lack of instant communication can slow work processes and lead to delays for clients. On the other hand, quick and efficient communication while traveling can give a business a competitive advantage in its sector.

The Solution

Integrating Brosix on to your mobile phone or preferred mobile device provides you with all the functionality of your private team communication network while you are out of the office. With Brosix mobile you can easily send and receive messages to individual team members, or groups of colleagues, thus preventing any work delays due to slow communication.

The Conclusion

The ability to stay connected to colleagues while on the road is a crucial element to any business with large amounts of work related travel. Brosix provides you with the flexibility to access all the features of your private team network from your device of choice while on the road, allowing you to stay connected in a way that’s faster than traditional email.

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