Case Study - Parsons & Associates Inc.

About Parsons & Associates Inc.

Parsons & Associates, Inc. is a third-generation, family-owned insurance agency and brokerage located in Syracuse, NY. Founded in 1930, Parsons & Associates, Inc. offers personal insurance plans, a range of financial service products and insurance expertise to a variety of professional and business clients, as well as the agents and brokers who serve them. Parsons & Associates, Inc. also offers professional liability coverage, with over 250 agencies and brokers as clients across New York State.

The Challenge

The ability to coordinate numerous remote employees in a way that reduces the amount of inefficient email and ‘phone tag’ communication is crucial to any business, and especially those providing client services. Asking for and receiving timely information from a team member on behalf of a client is often a challenge when working at a distance, and can lead to lower customer satisfaction.

The Solution

Brosix offers a user-friendly platform with several features for keeping team members connected and engaged, regardless of the distance. The ability to set your status, for example, gives colleagues the ability to stay up to date on each other’s availability, especially important when trying to answer a question while on the phone with a client. Brosix’s various chat features allow team members to quickly collaborate and receive the information needed for servicing clients.

The Conclusion

Brosix keeps colleagues connected, and allows them to feel as if they are working in the same physical location, wherever they may be located. With Brosix, employees can seamlessly exchange information with each other in order to provide their clients with the fastest and most efficient possible service.

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