Case Study – Polaris Danforth

About Polaris Danforth

Polaris Danforth is a premiere healthcare technology consulting firm focused on providing healthcare organizations with innovative technological solutions for better serving their patients. Located in the San Francisco bay area in California, Polaris Danforth has been working to build lasting relationships with their customers since 2004.

The Challenge

Cybersecurity is an increasingly important issue in the modern economy. Ever-evolving threats can not only pose a financial risk to businesses, but can put sensitive information in danger. For a healthcare consulting firm such as Polaris Danforth, cybersecurity is a top priority, which is why they were in the market for a team communication solution that was not prone to external threats and could provide them with a comprehensive security approach.

The Solution

Brosix Instant Messenger puts security at the center of its business. Brosix was able to provide Polaris Danforth with a closed and secure internal communication network that protected their team from external threats that could put their work at risk. With Brosix, the team at Polaris Danforth is able to easily and efficiently collaborate with features such as unlimited file transfers and screenshots, while not having to worry about cybersecurity threats.

The Conclusion

A business’s ability to protect sensitive information and provide their teams with secure communication tools is crucial to its ultimate success. This is especially true for businesses working in the healthcare sector due to the sensitive nature of their work. Through its dual focus on security and effective communication, Brosix was able to provide Polaris Danforth with a secure internal communication network that not only protected their team from external threats, but helped to facilitate better collaboration and communication.

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