Case Study – Fortune3, Inc.

About Fortune3, Inc.

Fortune3, Inc. is an ecommerce software and web hosting provider. Our staff consists of programmers, support reps, sales agents, marketing specialists, server and network administrators, and administrators. Although our company works out of 1 central office, we have support agents working remotely and contract programmers worldwide. Brosix works well for us as it is a global, internet-based, private, and secure messenger system.

The Challenge

We had a lot of trouble finding a good solution for our employees to be able to communicate with each other easily. Using standard messengers like MSN often resulted in employees chatting with peers outside of the work environment and losing focus. We also tried using an internal chat system based on our private network and VPN, but that system did not work very well for our staff that does not work in the office, it was very slow and required a few steps.

The Solution

Brosix provided us with a solution for all of the requirements we need from our corporate messenger. The network is secure (which is a must since sensitive information is transmitted throughout our communications), it is always up and running, it has great features such as file sharing and screen sharing, and it is accessible from any location, on any platform. Since switching to Brosix, the effort for internally communicating has saved a lot of time for our reps and brought our support costs down by 8%, simply by Brosix being a more efficient way for our reps to communicate with each other and with their supervisors. Our programming costs have also decreased by 5% because of improvements in the communications between programmers and their supervisors.

Our favorite aspect of having full administrative control to the network is that we know that our staff is only able to chat with other staff members and not waste work hours chatting with people outside of the work environment. We can also quickly eliminate users when terminated or add new ones when employed with minimal effort.

Our company’s other methods of internal communications are by Phone (dialing extensions), email, and our support helpdesk (ticket system).

The Conclusion

Brosix is easy to use and to install and set up, so we have had no challenges in introducing this system to employees. The only challenges we faced at first were that the software was not available on mobile platforms yet, and this was important for our supervisors to have. However, Brosix has solved this problem for us by releasing apps for Android and the iPhone that work well for communicating when out of the office and being available for questions no matter where they are.


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