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About Refract Speech

Refract Speech is primarily concerned with developing, launching and running an Intelligent Search Engine- essentially the next generation search engine. The basics are that our search engine ‘reads’ web pages like you or I do so actually understands the content rather than just having a record words or phrases. This means that users get more relevant results in less time. No more sifting through irrelevant pages just because they have the words you typed in.

Although a UK registered company governed by UK law, we have people who work for us across the globe. There is no great office building HQ. Equally that means there are no large rent, tax or insurance bills to go along with such a building. We believe it is easier to find great people, go to them and if they are happy to work with us then there is no reason why they should up sticks to do so. We are not in the manufacturing business so we can base our business and our people anywhere.

The Challenge

The challenge we faced was that despite having people spread around the world, we needed to have a cohesive feel so that people felt part of a team and part of the company. Employees need to feel that they belong. Our number one challenge therefore in relation to this was trying to present a company / team feeling to people working remotely. They might be thousands of miles away from the management team but needed to feel that there was instant connection when they wanted; as though we were simply on the other side of a wall or one floor up or down in the same building.

We needed some communication software that complimented our phone system, which already allows anyone anywhere within the company to dial a local number and speak to someone wherever this other person is in the world.

Because we design software, we need to have meetings often at short notice with varying numbers of people attending. We needed to be able to conduct these meetings in a way as if we were all in the same room.

The Solution

The most famous messenger services were not suitable as our product is a search engine so we could not in all honesty feel relaxed about communicating over our competitors systems.

We learned about Brosix after specifically looking for a secure feature rich messenger service that was not owned by a competitor. Brosix fit the bill and the very reasonable costs involved and short term contracts etc. allowed us to have the confidence that even in the unlikely event it was not for us that we would not have wasted a fortune finding that out.

As it happened, Brosix was perfect, has all the features we need and has been a fantastic bonus in helping us achieve the global local office feel. Additionally, it is clear that Brosix allows us to do without a large office space or expensive aviation travel to get to meetings. If software like Brosix did not exist, our costs would rise exponentially.

The Conclusion

Brosix and Refract Speech have integrated perfectly. It is logically laid out and is easy to use. We are an IT company so there have been no issues with staff embracing the software. Any questions we have had have been answered very quickly by the Brosix support team. I suspect they respond quicker than perhaps some of the larger messenger services where customer service can be less personal.


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