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About Roosevelt Investments

Roosevelt Investments is an independent investment management firm located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Since its foundation in 1971, Roosevelt Investments has been offering investment, domestic equity and fixed income services to a range of individual and institutional clients. Teamwork and collaboration among are at the core of Roosevelt Investments’ success, and its team of professionals brings a wide range of experience to their work.

The Challenge

Timely communication between employees is a key element to any business’s success. This is especially important when working with a combination of office employees and telecommuters, as in person communication is not always viable. Roosevelt Investments was looking for an internal team communication solution that would keep employees connected regardless of their location, and come in one affordable package. Apart from that, it was important for Roosevelt Investments’ internal communication to be securely archived for future reference.

The Solution

Brosix was able to provide Roosevelt Investments with a cost effective private team communication network. With their Brosix team network, Roosevelt Investments is able to keep all of their office based and remote employees connected and collaborating efficiently, a crucial element of the firm’s ongoing success. Roosevelt Investments is also able to keep track of their team’s communication through the Smarsh archiving feature, allowing the firm to efficiently and securely archive its communication.

The Conclusion

A team’s ability to efficiently communicate from multiple locations is crucial, particularly for businesses working with telecommuters. Keeping track of this communication for future reference is also of the utmost importance. Brosix was able to provide Roosevelt Investments with a team communication solution that kept their team connected through a private team network, and securely archived their communication, all in one affordable package.

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