Case Study - Quality Automotive Accessories, Inc.

About Quality Automotive Accessories, Inc.

Quality Automotive Accessories has over 40 years of experience in providing customers with high-quality automotive accessories. Quality Automotive Accessories specializes in stainless steel accessories and has been recognized as an industry leader by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). Based in Westford, Massachusetts, Quality Automotive Accessories works with distributors from across the country to bring its products to customers.

The Challenge

Effective collaboration within an office is a process that involves many different elements. It is not enough to only rely on one mode of direct communication, for example text chat. Truly effective teams need a comprehensive tool that will help facilitate their communication in several different ways. Quality Automotive Accessories had tried different free chat programs, but they were lacking many of the functions that they required for their own collaboration needs.

The Solution

Brosix is a team communication and collaboration tool that takes a comprehensive approach. By providing businesses with their own private networks, Brosix allows businesses to create a customized collaboration experience. Quality Automotive Accessories saw this firsthand through the many Brosix features that they use, including chat, group conferences, peer to peer file sharing, saving chat history, and more. These features have worked to provide the team at Quality Automotive Accessories with a multi-faceted communication approach that has increased productivity.

The Conclusion

Businesses grow through effective team collaboration. In order to develop this collaboration, businesses should invest in tools such as Brosix which provide team members with a wide range of collaborative features. Instant communication through chat, more easily sharing information through peer to peer file transfers, and facilitating team meetings through group chat are just a few of the benefits that Quality Automotive Accessories has experienced through their use of their Brosix private team network.

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