Case Study - Tennessee811

About Tennessee811

Tennessee811 is the call center for underground utility notification for the state of Tennessee. They provide free 24/7 information on underground utility locations, linking utility companies and excavators prior to any excavation project. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Tenessee811 has a team of 65 employees.

The Challenge

Effectively training new employees is a crucial element of any successful business. In service industries relying heavily on employees working on computer systems, the ability to train employees and monitor their progress remotely is of the utmost importance for ensuring quality standards are met. Without the right software, however, this task is difficult to accomplish.

The Solution

Brosix provides several key features which help trainers remotely monitor the training process and provide direct support to new employees as needed. Remote screen sharing, for example, allows trainers to personally demonstrate things to new employees as well as keep track of their progress. The different messaging functions, such as text and audio, grant trainers a greater degree of availability for new employees when any questions or concerns arise.

The Conclusion

A company thrives on the strength and capability of their employees, and this all begins in the initial training period. Brosix has become an indispensable tool in this process at Tenessee811, providing trainers with a range of features that can help them ensure the quality of their training and provide real-time monitoring and feedback to new employees.

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