The Shaker Group – Case Study

About The Shaker Group

The Shaker Group is a company that specializes in providing client-centered transportation and logistics solutions. From its office in Albany, New York, The Shaker Group provides services such as air, truck and sea freight, and tradeshow support and logistics. With its focus on the customer, The Shaker Group has developed and grown its business based on real customer needs.

The Challenge

The transportation and logistics business is dynamic by nature, demanding tight communication and coordination between multiple team members. The ability to quickly request and share information, have an inquiry answered, or propose an idea to a colleague are crucial for any results-driven team, and are relatively easily accomplished when all colleagues are working from the same location. However, this can be a challenge when team members are not sitting side by side, but rather are spread out over several locations, as is the case with The Shaker Group.

The Solution

The Chat Room feature on Brosix allows different teams within a company to have their own communication space, where they are free to communicate from any place at any time. Administrators can group users on their Brosix network in the way that best serves the business’s goals: by region, division, sub team, etc. When teams have their own Chat Rooms, teammates who are not working in one physical location can still quickly and efficiently communicate, as if they were sitting side by side. The Shaker Group uses team Chat Rooms for just this purpose, and have experienced the benefits of better connected teams.

The Conclusion

Linking employees to their teams in real time is a challenge when working with remote employees. Customized Chat Rooms can provide teams with a virtual space that will allow them to stay in constant communication, even if they are not in one physical location. The need for quick and efficient communication between team members is key to any business, particularly one as dynamic as transportation and logistics.

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