Zoho CRM with Brosix integration

You don’t need any code to connect Zoho CRM with Brosix.

How does it work?

How does this integration work?

You’ll receive a notification on Brosix for different events in Zoho CRM.

For example:

  • when a new contact is created
  • when a new lead is created
  • when any entry is created in the specified module
  • when a new contact is added or modified in Zoho
  • when a new lead is added or modified in Zoho
  • when a new active user is added to your Zoho CRM account
  • when a new entry is created or updated in the specified module
  • when a module entry is updated

Here are three examples of how the Brosix and Zoho CRM integration can be beneficial for businesses:

Use case for lead management: When a new lead is created in Zoho CRM, Brosix sends a notification to you or someone from the sales team on Brosix. This allows the sales team to quickly follow up on the lead through Brosix, ensuring that they can engage with potential customers in a timely and efficient manner.

Use case for contact management: When a new contact is added or modified in Zoho CRM, Brosix sends a notification to you or the relevant team member on Brosix.

This helps ensure that all team members are up-to-date on customer information and can easily access contact information for any customer, regardless of where they are located.

Use case for team collaboration: When a new active user is added to your Zoho CRM account, Brosix sends a notification to you or the relevant team members on Brosix.

This allows the team to quickly onboard new members and ensure that everyone is on the same page, increasing collaboration and teamwork. Additionally, when a module entry is updated in Zoho CRM, Brosix sends a notification to the relevant team members on Brosix, helping ensure that everyone is aware of the changes and can adapt their workflows as needed.

What is Brosix?

Brosix is the messaging game-changer for today’s savvy teams. It offers a wide range of innovative features, such as an interactive whiteboard, unlimited file transfers, and a powerful teamwork suite.

It prioritizes privacy and security by implementing top-notch measures to protect users’ data. Overall, Brosix aims to redefine the way teams communicate by providing a one-stop-shop for all messaging needs.

What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM is a highly acclaimed customer relationship management software that is trusted by a vast global network of 250,000 businesses across 180 countries.

It helps businesses to boost their revenue by converting more leads and engaging with customers effectively.

By consolidating sales, marketing, and customer support activities into a single platform, Zoho CRM streamlines business processes, policies, and personnel. Furthermore, businesses can sign up for a free trial to get an overview of the platform’s capabilities.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a productivity tool that allows users to connect different applications and services together through customized workflows, also known as “Zaps.”

By linking apps like Brosix and Zoho CRM, Zapier can simplify workflows and streamline processes, making it easier for users to be productive. In essence, Zapier automates tasks and simplifies workflows, making life easier for its users.

How to connect Brosix and Zoho CRM through Zapier:

  1. Create an account in Zapier.
  2. Create a new Zap and select Zoho CRM as the trigger app.
  3. Select an event in Zoho CRM that will trigger the integration.
Zoho CRM with Brosix integration 1

  1. Sign in your Zoho CRM account.
  2. Click on Action and select Brosix.
Zoho CRM with Brosix integration 2

  1. Sign into the desired Brosix account and write the notification you would like to receive on Brosix when the integration is triggered.
  2. You can test the action and then publish it.
  3. Then you can add more actions and events that will trigger the integration.You just need to click on the plus sign below for this.

That’s it!

Brosix and Zoho CRM: The dynamic duo of customer management.

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