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Brosix 4.6 for mobile

Brosix 4.6 for Mobile Released

The Brosix team is happy to announce the release of Brosix 4.6 for mobile. This latest version of Brosix’s mobile app comes with key improvements to features that allow...
Effective Collaboration in the Workplace

Effective Collaboration in the Workplace

Creating and fostering workplace collaboration is paramount for the company’s continued growth and building a productive and enjoyable environment for your team members. However, while essential, high-level collaboration is...
Components-of Effective Communication

Components of Effective Communication

Effective workplace communication is very important, no matter what sort of business you’re running, as it affects all areas of the company.  It’s critical to ensure that every message...
Brosix 15 years birthday

Brosix Turns 15

Industry-leading provider of business instant messaging and collaboration capabilities, Brosix is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its founding. Established in 2006, Brosix has cemented itself at the forefront of...