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8 Benefits of Instant Messaging in the Workplace

Benefits of Instant Messaging
The phenomenon of real-time communication has been around for a while. Believe it or not, instant messaging was actually developed back in the 1960s at MIT. Certainly, instant messaging has come a long way since then. Popularized in the 1990s by defunct but trailblazing platforms like AIM, MSN, and...

The Top 5 Instant Messaging Programs for Linux

Linux IM programs
The home computing world is dominated by Windows. While Apple has its niche of dedicated devotees, it doesn’t come near the estimated 82% of desktops and laptops running Windows. Where does that leave Linux? The truth is that Linux is more than a small-time operating system playing catch-up. It’s...

The Top Skype for Business Alternatives for 2020

Skype for business alternatives
In many ways, Skype has been a pioneer. Released back in 2003, Skype was one of the first to offer peer-to-peer chat and voice and video calls – and during an era of unreliable internet connections! While Skype for Business didn’t debut until 2016, its direct competition with parent-company...