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10 Tried and True Telegram Alternatives

Telegram Alternatives
Telegram first entered the sphere of instant messaging in 2013. Since then, and no small thanks to features like bots, secret chats, supergroups, custom themes, and the ability to send files up to 1.5 GB, the chat app has become major competition in an ever-crowded field. Telegram isn’t without...

Recent Trends in Business Travel

Learn Trends in Business travel
Travel has always been a vital component of how businesses operate. But these days it’s a bit different than making reservations through a corporate travel agent and staying in a company-preferred hotel. Technology has transformed business travel into a global yet hands on, manage-at-your-fingertips affair. Today, business travel is...

5 Steps to Improve Your Work Efficiency

5 Steps to Improve Your Work Efficiency
While employers look for many qualities in an employee, it’s hard to look past someone who’s not only hard-working and productive, but also efficient in what they do. But it begs the question – if your efficiency is lagging and you’re looking to boost it, what do you do?...

10 Foolproof Ways to Ensure Communication and Teamwork in the Office

Direct or Ways to Ensure Communication and Teamwork in the Office group communication
In an ideal office, communication and teamwork would transpire openly, harmoniously, and productively. The office environment is changing, however. Today, teams are composed of freelancers, remote workers, and onsite employees; spanning different age brackets and generations. What’s more, preferences toward communication and teamwork often differ from one employee to...

The Best Business Chat Apps in 2019

Best Business Chat Apps
Today, thanks to technology, not only is the state of work in flux, but the very nature of team communication, as well. As such, a host of business chat apps are available, each capable of taking team communication and collaboration to the next level. Whether you’re looking to boost...