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Top 3 Instant Messaging Programs for Linux

Linux IM programs
Does your network run on the Linux operating system? While it may not be as popular as Windows or Mac, there are millions upon millions of people who rely on this operating system at their place of employment. Before we discuss the top instant messaging programs for Linux, let’s...

What is Instant Messaging (IM)

what is instant messaging
Instant Messaging, otherwise known as IM, is a communication method used by millions of people every day. While the term itself came into existence in the 90s, the first IM systems date back all the way to the 1960s. IM has subsequently seen a huge period of growth, particularly...

How Private Chat Apps Can Get You out of Trouble

private messaging apss
Anyone who follows the news will be familiar with stories of messages and data ending up in the wrong hands. From ‘Wikileaks,’ to Edward Snowden, to US congressman’s compromising messages being made public, these stories illustrate the importance of ensuring that your communication is protected and secured. Of course...
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