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About Altfest Personal Wealth Management

Altfest Personal Wealth Management is a personal wealth management firm that brings over three decades of experience to financial planning and investment. With its staff of dedicated professionals with a wide-range of experience, Altfest Personal Wealth Management aims to anticipate and meet its clients’ financial needs. Altfest Personal Wealth Management has been recognized by a number of industry awards for its excellence in financial planning and investment.

The Challenge

Effective collaboration is a key component to any successful team. The ability to quickly consult with a colleague, get instant feedback, or coordinate larger processes can help a team achieve even higher results. However, this collaboration should not only be effective, but also secure, particularly when dealing with sensitive information. Given the nature of its work, Altfest Personal Wealth Management was looking for a tool that would provide its team with the ability to easily collaborate in a secure environment.

The Solution

Altfest Personal Wealth Management found that Brosix was just the type of communication solution they were looking for. With their Brosix private and secure team network, Altfest Wealth Management’s team can securely collaborate in a number of ways that were previously unavailable when they were relying mainly on email communication. Through tools such as instant chat and screen sharing, the team at Altfest Wealth Management can more easily communicate with each other, allowing them to even better serve their customers.

The Conclusion

Secure online collaboration can help drive a business forward. This is particularly true in dynamic industries such as wealth management, which rely on sharing information in a timely manner in order to provide customers with the best possible service. Altfest Wealth Management found that Brosix was able to provide a secure team communication network that equipped their team with the tools necessary to effectively collaborate, thus driving their business forward.

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