DisABLED Workers - Case Study

DisABLED Workers

DisABLED Workers is a United States Social Security Administration approved employee network whose mission is to support persons with disabilities to reach their employment goals. DisABLED Workers supports its clients through a range of programs, including funds for employment support and assistance with schooling, detailed benefit explanations, and support programs for the Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work and PASS programs.

The Challenge

In the current team communication solution market many programs that are designed to make communication more effective can in fact have the opposite effect by overloading their users with too many features. Some of these features can serve the same purpose, making them more of a distraction than a benefit. The challenge for DisABLED Workers was where to turn to for a team communication solution that provides their team with just the right combination of features they need to foster direct team communication.

The Solution

Brosix provides DisABLED Workers with a private team network that has just the right combination of features, without any unnecessary distractions or disruptions. Unlike other programs that focus mainly on a wide range of different chat rooms for team communication, Brosix helps the team at DiaABLED Workers stay focus with direct messaging, screen sharing and file transfer, and, when appropriate, administrator approved chat rooms. These features keep the team connected and collaborating effectively, which helps DisABLED Workers work towards their important mission.

The Conclusion

Fostering better communication is the number one goal of any team communication solution, but should not come at the cost of unnecessary distractions and disruptions to work. Brosix Instant Messenger has given the team at DisABLED Workers the right balance of collaboration and communication tools that they need to foster effective and direct communication.

Information about DisABLED Workers can be found at https://www.disabledworkersusa.com/

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