It Pays to Streamline Your Team Communication Tools. Here’s Why.

Streamline Your Team Communication Tools.

It Pays to Streamline Your Team Communication Tools. Here’s Why.

August 26, 2019   Instant Messaging

Teamwork is a vital component of any work environment. While we learned as children how to work together, the principle of teamwork holds true in the modern workplace.

With an abundance of communication methods and tools out there, though, it would seem intuitive to employ a variety of solutions to enhance team communication. After all, more is better, right?

Not necessarily. The truth is that too many communication tools can create unnecessary challenges, like:

  • Disorganized communication – a real problem when working across teams, departments, and geographies
  • Chaotic coordination and collaboration
  • Unclear delegation of roles and responsibilities
  • Inefficient tracking and/or monitoring
  • Diminished productivity

No, the phone and email aren’t going anywhere. Neither are in-person meetings. And nor should they.

But as the nature of the workplace evolves, it’s worth not only examining how your team communicates, but streamlining your communication tools.

Here’s why:

Reduce Stress

How to reduce the stress

Burnt out employees can stifle everything from team relationships to productivity and ROI. And while there are many ways to avoid burnout, it’s all for naught if you don’t examine the root of the problem – inefficient communication.

According to a study by Dynamic Signal, 80 percent of U.S. employees feel stressed as a result of inefficient company communication. And it’s no wonder. From constant switching back and forth between channels and tools to struggling to remember details from a call or chat. Then there are the mistakes which can follow as a result. Or the stakeholders who end up left in the dark. It’s all mentally taxing.

Consequently, this stress can lead to:

  • Arguments and conflict
  • Relationship breakdowns
  • Physical and mental health issues
  • Low motivation
  • High turnover

That’s why it’s vital you streamline your team communication tools. By consolidating your internal communication – team chat, voice and video, and collaboration tools – you can reduce the time wasted sifting through emails and voice recordings or searching for the right person, as well as the cognitive burden which comes with managing multiple platforms separately.

In turn, your team can direct its mental energy on maximizing teamwork and productivity and delivering results.

Increase Engagement

Effective team communication and employee engagement go hand in hand – A team that’s in constant contact not only with one another, but also your brand, can better concentrate on producing effective and quality deliverables.

A consolidated communication solution allows you to sharpen team communication. Chat rooms can be honed by topic, project, department, or location, for example. Moreover, by serving as a delivery channel for company information, chat spaces can inform and involve employees much more quickly than email or phone.

Create a space for HR, team happiness, or company news, and more effectively share and foster discussion on survey results, team building initiatives, company successes, and community outreach opportunities.

With some team chat solutions, you can even brand your private network – creating a custom logo and ensuring consistent stakeholder engagement.

Disengaged employees are a financial burden on companies. By pinpointing team discussion and information sharing to a single source, you’re more likely to create a team that’s committed, more driven, and happier.

Strengthen Team Unity

Strength your Team Unity

With the number of remote workers and distributed workforces ever-growing, it can be easy to feel isolated. But you don’t necessarily need to be distributed or remote to experience team discord. Disharmony can occur any time ineffective communication is present.

So regardless of whether your team is distributed, entirely remote, or centralized, a streamlined team communication platform is essential to team unity, even strengthening it through:

  1. Swifter conflict resolution – To prevent conflicts from festering, it’s vital that you meet them with swift action. An enterprise messaging solution allows you to promptly get key information to the necessary parties so you can address the challenge without wasting time on the phone or waiting for an email.
  2. Enhanced connectedness – Whether an employee feels like they’re slipping through the cracks, or just has an idea or thought which needs immediate action, a simple text chat ensures everyone not only has a voice, but a platform to exercise it. What’s more, a team communication solution empowers more consistent communication – allowing you to deliver more regular feedback and helping you boost morale.
  3. More valuable recognition – A business instant messenger helps you deliver real-time recognition, and more regularly. If you’re stuck in the office or you’ve got remote team members, acknowledging them via voice or video chat adds a personal touch. Recognizing employees publicly, on the other hand, increases visibility, drives employee initiative, and boosts morale. That’s real value. Tag your team members in a public chat, or create a chat space for recognizing office victories and successes, employee anniversaries or milestones, and personal occasions like birthdays or the birth of a child.

Boost Performance

By now it would seem that a satisfied, engaged, and cohesive team is high-performing. Certainly those are all aspects. But performance is more than that.

Each day you waste precious minutes attaching files, encountering size or data limitations, and uploading or retrieving documents from the cloud. These minutes add up. Not to mention the inherent security risks involved. A consolidated team communication solution featuring peer-to-peer unlimited size file transfer solves for these issues and leaves you more time to focus on what matters – the information you’re transferring.

Then there’s the inefficiency (and annoyance) of toggling between your instant messenger, phone, or email application and collaborative tools. Fusing Instant messaging features with your communications, however, allows you to powerfully brainstorm and create visuals, as well as efficiently demonstrate complex issues.

At the end of the day, though, teamwork needs discipline.

Consumer-grade chat apps lack not only the collaboration tools, but also administrative control; leaving the door open for time-wasting, impropriety, and security risks.

Comprehensive administrative IM tools – the ability to delegate features on a user basis, control who communicates with whom, create tailored chat spaces, access comprehensive chat histories, and authorize admin and network access – focus workplace communication and collaboration where it should be – on work.

By combining your communication solution with your collaboration tools and peppering it with the right admin features, you enable more coordinated, productive, and focused teamwork. Now that’s performance.

The Upshot

Communicating is easy. But once you factor the growth of distributed teams and remote workers, the volume of data transferred and consumed each day, the amount of communication solutions at your disposal, and the necessity of more effective collaboration – communicating effectively becomes another story.

There’s hope, though. All-in-one solutions, like Brosix Instant Messenger, mitigate these challenges – boosting team satisfaction, engagement, unity, and performance; and empowering meaningful team communication and collaboration.