Case Study – Advanced Group

About Advanced Groups

The Advanced Group helps organizations with talent acquisition across a variety of functions and industries. They also provide their clients with sophisticated workforce business solutions. The Advanced Group consists of: Advanced Clinical, Advanced Resources, Advanced RPO, and WunderLand Group.

The Challenge

The need for instant one on one communication between over 380 employees in order to facilitate collaboration and team training. Relying on traditional email for inter-team communication runs the risk of messages being lost or overlooked in email inboxes.

The Solution

Brosix provides several features for instantaneous communication between individual team members as well as groups. The Instant Message, Screen Share and Chat Room features allow for quicker collaboration and help to facilitate more efficient distance trainings.

The Conclusion

Brosix’s private Team Network has multiple features aimed at facilitating team collaboration and easing inter-office communications. Relying only on traditional email does not allow for the instantaneous communication necessary in a dynamic workplace.

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