Case Study – Legacy Self Storage

About Legacy Self Storage

Legacy Self Storage is a self storage and retail moving supplies company. From its 4 locations in Northeast Oklahoma, Legacy Self Storage offers its customers a wide range of storage and moving options to meet their needs. Its dedication to its clients and providing top-notch service has made Legacy Self Storage a mainstay in the region it serves.

The Challenge

Businesses relying on customer service through phone lines face a unique internal communication challenge. Given that the lines need to remain open for clients, this reliance on phones for customer service means that these businesses are unable to use phones for their internal communication and must turn elsewhere. This was the case for Legacy Self Storage, who was looking for an internal communication solution that would facilitate effective team communication while still allowing its phone lines to remain open for its customer service needs.

The Solution

Brosix provided Legacy Self Storage with an internal team communication solution based on instant messaging. With instant messaging tools such as text and audio chats, the team at Legacy Self Storage was able to communicate quickly and efficiently without any disruption to its phone-based customer service. These instant messaging tools also allowed the staff at Legacy Self Storage’s 4 separate locations to stay better connected and able to support each other when problems arise.

The Conclusion

Providing top-notch customer service is a priority for Legacy Self Storage. Given that most of this service is done over the phone, it was essential for Legacy Self Storage to have a separate internal communication network. Brosix was able to provide just such a network based on instant messaging. This has allowed Legacy Self Storage to keep its team connected across multiple locations and continue to provide its customers with the service they have come to expect.

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