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About Intecons Software Lab

We are a small group of software and web applications developers.

The Challenge

Majority of our employees are in a single office but about 25% are elsewhere or working from home. They are spread throughout India. We outsource our services to 130+ clients from countries across the Euro zone, American continent, UK and USA

The Solution

There was hardly any challenge in Brosix implementation. In fact we did it like a breeze! We just started a network on Brosix’s user friendly website and allowed its automated message to download and use Brosix to all our employees. It has made the communication better not only between distant offices, but also, between the people sitting in next cabin, as it keeps a written record of all the communication and its easy for them to share the links and screen etc. There is no data security concern faced by us so far. Brosix has certainly doubled our productivity!

The best competitive advantage of Brosix

I am able to see chat history, able to control who can see whom and who he cannot. In other words I have full control over my own business instant messaging network !

The Results

Our Telephone bills between the distant employees and our office are drastically reduced, but more then the telephone bills, as I said above, it is the Productivity increased due to the power of message history, screen sharing and other facilities that Brosix provides. Not measured, but possibly the productivity has gone up by about 20%.

Another thing I would like to mention here is that it is helping us project our organization in a structured fashion to all employees. For example, earlier all employees did not have the knowledge about the levels and capabilities of their colleagues, with Brosix in place, they see them divided as Management, HR, Scale I, Scale II and so on…. so they know who is what.

Also, we have found our own way for an extensive use of Brosix, and that is, we have instructed all our employees to mention the name of the project (Task) they are busy with in their status below their names. This facilitates management to know which employee is busy with what task and who is available for projects / tasks.


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