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About Plessers

Throughout its almost 100 year history, Plesser Appliances has sought to bring its clients the best products, prices and support available. Founded in 1919, Plesser is one of the oldest American appliance businesses and continues to thrive due to its dedication to its clients, staying up to date on the latest innovations in their sector, and offering the most technologically advanced products available.

The Challenge

Monitoring and managing internal team communication can be a challenge when using open network IM programs. These programs allow employees to communicate with both colleagues and any other contacts they might have outside of work, which can present possibilities for distraction and losing focus. Another area of challenge is the amount of time it takes to first set-up, and then manage, internal team communication networks.

The Solution

Brosix Instant Messenger provides businesses with private team communication networks, which limits users’ ability to communicate with external contacts. This helps the team at Plessers to stay focused and productive while at work. Network administrators can easily monitor team communication in order to ensure a high level of efficiency, and grant differing levels of user access based on the needs of the business. Adding and removing users is also a simple process, which reduces the overall amount of time spent on network administration.

The Conclusion

Internal team communication should serve as an efficiency booster, not a potential distraction. Open IM networks lack the administrative control and oversite necessary to guarantee that employees are focused on their tasks while at work. By using a Brosix private team network, businesses can streamline their team’s internal communication through administrative controls and structures. Brosix allows you to put the right employees in touch with each other in order to guarantee efficient team communication.

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