Case Study - The Friendship Center - Daniel E. Landis

About “The Friendship Center”

The Montgomery County Committee on Aging, doing business as The Friendship Center was established in 1973 and is the only non-profit organization specifically dedicated to serving the needs and enriching the lives of seniors throughout Montgomery County, Texas. Core services include a variety of programs that seek to meet the social, physical and emotional needs of seniors 60 years and older.

How did we find Brosix

My initial search for an instant messenger service provider was at my previous place of employment. I originally found Brosix on the internet by searching for “secure instant messenger” via Google, reviewing the options of the instant messenger services listed, using/testing trial versions, and then selecting the provider that best meet our needs, which ultimately became Brosix.

The Challenge

I began my search because I needed a solution to the following problems:

We were a small business without enough resources or employees to warrant the purchase or development of an instant messenger service that would be run on our server. Our offices were spread out on opposite sides of the building, many of the employees were on the phone for most of the day, and we needed a way for everyone to be able to communicate without interrupting their phone calls, without having to physically walk to their office, and without having to wait for them to notice that an email came through for a quick question that requires a very short response. I needed this solution to be in a secure environment where confidential client information could be exchanged. I also wanted to be able to control access to who could be listed as a contact so that this tool was not used to chat with friends during work hours while appearing to be working, as we had already encountered this problem using another instant messaging service.

The Solution

I ended up trying about 10-12 instant messengers prior to selecting Brosix and it is by far the best instant messaging solution that I have encountered. Brosix is very user friendly with many added benefits besides just secure instant messaging. This is the reason that I highly recommended using Brosix at my new office within the first week of starting there and have finally been able to implement that recommendation.

The Conclusion

Brosix is a great instant messaging service!

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