Case Study – Mark Acutt – Online Website Mentor

About Mark Acutt

I run an online mentoring program within Internet Marketing that teaches people how to create, develop and make profitable websites.

My clients are spread out throughout the world – Israel, Australia, Germany, USA, UK and Malaysia.

The Challenge

Other IM solutions were not personal. You have other contacts that distract and disturb you.

The Solution

By implementing Brosix into my mentoring program I’ve been able to setup real weekly meetings with my clients and have one to one chats.

We can do everything that other instant messengers can do but on a much personal level. If a client needs to contact me urgently, I’m available to them.

The Results

Brosix increased personal interaction ten fold, and allowed me to give a much better service to my customers.

The Conclusion

What’s also great about Brosix is the MAC & PC compatible client interface, as well as web-based. We have full control who uses the system and can isolate individual users for privacy.

Brosix combined with Basecamp from 37signals and Mindomo mind mapping software is all that’s needed to run a successful online mentoring program.

Thank you Brosix team,

Mark Acutt


Information about Mark Acutt can be found at

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