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About TriTek Corp.

We are a small business in the United States with products all around the world, in many different timezones. We build robotic vision stations, microscope-based, which are controlled from a computer. We currently use Brosix to support our customers when they have questions, problems, or otherwise. Timely resolution is key to customer satisfaction, which means we work strange hours on occasion.

The Challenge

Communicating across timezones (and sometimes language barriers) has always been difficult. Supporting customers in India, Japan, and Australia where the time differences are most extreme, is particularly challenging. Using email results in long response times and lengthy resolutions. Using instant messenger helped as instant feedback allows us to diagnose problems more quickly, especially when the terminology used to describe symptoms is unfamiliar.

We use telephone very rarely for customer support. We use email in the early stage of support, to gather information and set up a time for a Brosix instant session.

The Solution

Being able to see into the room with a webcam, hear our robots moving and our customers describing the situation, and controlling the customer’s computer has increased our productivity during troubleshooting exponentially! It’s difficult to quantify such a dramatic change, but our customers don’t call on us as frequently now as we are able to provide diagnostic training to them during these Brosix sessions.

Brosix Support

We are quite new to Brosix, but in the short time we’ve been partnered with them, they have been very responsive to our problems. Their answers to our questions have been very detailed and allowed us to continue working at top speed to support our customers similarly.

The best competitive advantages of Brosix

Being able to control each user’s “friends” is essential as each user needs to be able to contact me as the support technician, but not each other. It keeps things very simple for our customers.


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