Premier Manufacturing- Case Study

About Premier Manufacturing

Premier Manufacturing is one of the largest electronics manufacturing service providers in Colorado. Since its establishment in 1999, Premier Manufacturing has expanded its business mainly through referrals from satisfied customers. This is no surprise, since Premier Manufacturing’s mission is to provide its customer partners with quality products at a competitive price.

The Challenge

Facilitating quick and effective internal team communication is a key element to any successful business. Unfortunately, this process can be a challenge for businesses relying on more traditional communication methods. This was the case with Premier Manufacturing, who were in the market for a communication solution that was quicker than email, but less disruptive and distracting than phone calls.

The Solution

Brosix and its private and secure team communication networks provided Premier Manufacturing with the communication solution it was looking for. Brosix’s instant messaging features allowed the team at Premier Manufacturing to easily communicate in a way that was not disruptive and at the same time was instantaneous. Staying connected continues to be a key aspect to Premier Manufacturing’s success, as it allows its team to better achieve its client-centered mission. Brosix is proud to be Premier Manufacturing’s partner in this area.

The Conclusion

A business with a team equipped with the right communication tools to instantly collaborate can expect to see a wide range of benefits. Premier Manufacturing found this out through its effective use of its Brosix secure team communication network, a network that equipped Premier Manufacturing’s team with the means to instantly communicate in a non-disruptive manner. In this way Premier Manufacturing is able to even better serve its client partners, who are at the center of its mission.

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