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About South Western Payroll Service

Originally founded in 1955 as a data processor for the geophysical engineering industry, Southwestern Payroll Service, Inc. has emerged as one of the most trusted names in payroll services throughout Tulsa and the state of Oklahoma. Southwestern Payroll serves over a thousand organizations in Oklahoma, as well as several businesses in other states.

For over 50 years, our mission is to provide accurate payroll processing services, enabling our clients to focus on their core business.

The Challenge

Before implementing Brosix, we were using phone, email and face to face meetings as the primary methods of communication. Communication at that time was slow, intrusive and not convenient for people working in an office environment. We realized we needed a way to improve efficiency and increase productivity. After reading several articles for improving office communication, we found that an enterprise instant messenger was the solution.

The problem we initially faced was that most enterprise instant messengers were expensive, while also forcing us to buy and maintain our own server. We didn’t want to buy a server, but simply wanted a secure instant messaging software for our office. After a short search, our management found Brosix on Google. Brosix was the only instant messenger for business which offered both services – hosted and self-hosted.

The Solution

Brosix offers great service at a very affordable price! It was very easy to implement Brosix into our company.

We use it mostly to send instant messages in the office. It is a non intrusive channel of communication in the office, allowing you to also talk on the phone with clients or do some other work.

My favorite aspect of Brosix is the ability to assist users from a distance by helping them change passwords, setting up PCs and many other admin duties.

The Results

Brosix helped us facilitate our office communication, improve collaboration between employees and reduce the weight of the IT admin work duties.

The Conclusion

Brosix is so native and easy to deal with that sometimes I (as an IT admin) do all my tasks with a few clicks of the mouse, while realizing that the same tasks before Brosix took me 3-4 hours!

Brosix is all that’s needed to improve office communication and collaboration between employees and work teams.

Thank you Brosix for making our office a better work place, and reducing the weight of my duties as an admin of


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