Enterprise Features

Enterprise Group Chat Features

Brosix is an enterprise instant messaging solution designed to provide real-time business collaboration. Brosix Enterprise users have access to all Brosix Application Features plus Enterprise features, which provide full control of your Instant Messaging Network and personalization.

Manage users feature

User administration features

  •  Web Control Panel

Manage team network activities, contacts rights and users permissions with a centralized web based management panel, accessible for administrators.

Delegate the right features to the right users by defining exact sets of options for network participants. Administer each user individually.

User activity monitoring is available to record user actions. The network administrator can review log history at a later stage.


Users control messaging features

Full control over network contacts and communication control over contact lists.

Import/export users within a private network. This security feature facilitates better network management.

Import Export users feature

Custom logo activation

Brosix Private messaging network

Private networks for instant messaging ensure safe internal communication. A closed chat network is the best way to have secure internal communication with encrypted data transfer.

The Welcome feature enables network administrators to send group announcements to all network members with a single click.

Some companies require branded applications. The Brosix Custom Logo feature makes for better visual recognition.


Brosix Corporate Features

Brosix LDAP Sync can synchronize the active directory with a user account in a Brosix network.

Live chat for web sites and e-commerce web platforms, ensuring efficient real time communication with website visitors.

Brosix Instant Messenger for Windows provides special corporate usage options. Detailed instructions are provided for network installation on a shared computer.

Brosix Instant Messenger offers premium technical support. Use any contact channel to get in touch with us!

Live chat activation

Smarsh integration

Brosix Integration Features

  • Softphone dialer solution

Looking for a Softphone dialer solution?

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Archiving solutions

Brosix offers integration with Smarsh for cloud data archiving. No additional actions are required, as activating the feature will automatically send the appropriate data to the cloud.

More about archiving solutions

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