Tabbed Chat Feature on Brosix

Brosix allows you to efficiently manage multiple chats from one chat window. Never lose track of important communications again!

Efficiently Manage Chats

The ability to chat with multiple contacts is a key feature of any IM Network, but can be inefficient if you need to switch between multiple windows. With Brosix you can easily navigate multiple chats, and avoid crowding your screen space.

Tabbed Chat 1

The Tabbed Chat Feature allows for the flexible combination of multiple chats into a single window. You no longer need separate windows for each individual tab, which allows you to maximize efficiency and screen real estate!

The screenshot below provides more details on the Tabbed Chat feature:

Navigate Between Chat Conversations with Ease

With the Tabbed Chat Feature you can follow all of your current chat conversations from one chat window. This gives you the ability to switch between chats with ease and without missing any recent messages. You no longer need to keep track of notifications in different chat windows and risk overlooking important information.

Tabbed Chat Simple Setup

Setting up a Tabbed Chat is a simple process with few steps. You can easily set up a Tabbed chat by using one of two simple methods:

  • Open a chat window and click on the “Tabbed Chat” button to attach/detach a chat window
  • Click on the “Settings” button for more chat settings, then check the option “Open new chat sessions in tabbed window”

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