Let others know your status

You can choose and set your online status to three standard options– Online / Away / Busy.

Brosix automatically checks and sets your status to “Away” after a period of inactivity on your computer.

This way, your colleagues will know that you are not at your computer at the moment and are unavailable to respond to their questions.

Set your status to “Busy” to tell your friends and colleagues you are busy at the moment and would not like to be disturbed.

You can also define other individual statuses like “Away: I am out for lunch” or “Busy: I am in an important meeting”. These custom statuses reflect special cases, like when you are engaged in an important meeting. You can even assign them to the Auto-Reply feature of the text chat and Brosix will automatically reply to your colleagues that you are busy right now will respond later.

For more details please read the How to set up Auto-reply article.

Brosix chat status