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Directory Synchronization Tool

Directory Sync

Brosix LDAP Sync is an ad sync tool that you can run on a computer in your network and it will synchronize user accounts in your Active Directory with user accounts in Brosix. You can get the tool from HERE

Brosix LDAP Synchronization Tool

Directory Sync

This tool needs access from the Internet to your Brosix data. To provide high level of security there are some steps that have to be performed before you can use the directory sync tool:


  • NET API is not enabled by default. Please go to the Web Control Panel – Settings – Options tab and enable it. Web Control Panel is available at
  • Access to NET API is restricted to a limited number of IP addresses. Once NET API is activated for your IM network, please specify the IP addresses that are allowed to use NET API
  • Provide a “Secret key”. It is used to authorize access to your NET API.


Once the NET API is enabled and configured the process of syncing is very easy. The sync tool can be used in two modes:

  • Standard – opens a GUI wizard that guides you through the steps
  • Command line – all the options are available in command line mode. You can set up a Scheduled Task and synchronize your Active Directory with Brosix every day.

NOTE: For security reasons Brosix active directory sync tool does NOT export user passwords from your Active Directory sync tool. This means your users’ passwords for their Active Directory accounts are secured.

This also means that your user accounts on Brosix will have different passwords. For your convenience, Brosix LDAP Sync tool can automatically create a password for every user account it creates and sends the user an e-mail with the Brosix account credentials. The user can change the password at any time.


Find more information on How to set up Active Directory Sync


Live Chat For Websites

A feature available only in Brosix Enterprise

Chat with your web site visitors and provide a live chat support

“Web Guests” feature allows anonymous visitors of your web site to chat with your support staff (operators). You can use this feature to provide live support or live chatting.


  • Web site visitors can chat only with users who are members of a special dedicated group.
  • You have full control who of your employees can chat with web site visitors.
  • All conversations are recorded and you can review them (if Users Activity Log is enabled).
  • Easy to set up and use.



Corporate Chat Installation

Brosix setup package for Windows has special options for corporate use.

Brosix Advanced Setup – for cases when several people share one Windows computer.

Brosix Network Install – for teams or groups, that place Brosix on a network share and all users start it from there.

Brosix Advanced Setup

Default Brosix Setup installs Brosix in Windows’s user home folder. This is done to allow installation for users that have no administrator rights on their Windows machines.

setupHowever, in a corporate environment it is common practice several users to share a Windows machine.

For example Windows in Citrix, Windows via Remote Desktop Connection or Windows Terminal Services. In these cases it is preferred to install Brosix in one common place and all Windows users use Brosix from there. This is achieved with Brosix Advanced Setup.

Brosix Advanced Setup runs in administrator mode on the Windows machine. It installs Brosix in “Program Files”. During the installation you have an option to change the installation folder.


installWindows user accounts can have limited access rights. They will still be able to use the common Brosix installation but will not be able to update this installation when there is a new Brosix version available. To allow automatic updates, Brosix Advanced Setup installs a special service, that will update Brosix when a new version is available even if all users have limited access rights.

This eliminates the need of system administration for Brosix in a corporate environment.

You can find detailed instructions here

Brosix Network Install

network_usersBrosix Network Setup is intended for teams or groups, that place Brosix on a network share and all users start it from there. Each user configuration and data will be stored on his local computer.

The network share should have Read-Only visibility in the network.

This makes it very easy for the system administrator to update Brosix corporate messenger software when a new version is available and keeps all user data secure.

You can find detailed instructions here


Enterprise Chat Support Service

Enterprise Chat Service

Customer care is our top priority!

Part of the service is our technical support. If you have any questions or issues while using Brosix, you can always contact our team of professionals. We will be most happy to assist you and provide you with top customer service!

Check our FAQs and other relevant SUPPORT information

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