Features Control

Control Over the Features that Each User can Use

A feature available only in Brosix Enterprise Chat System

Many companies have clearly defined internal communications policies that are companywide, or for specific teams or groups of employees. Brosix Enterprise gives you the ability to customize your users’ experience on your IM Network. You are able to tailor different sets of features for individuals or groups of users, granting and restricting access to features as you see fit. This allows you to create an IM Network that reflects your company’s communications policy, increases user efficiency, and ensures that your users are fully equipped to productively use your network.

Features control

Create a custom communications experience

The network administrator can enable/disable all communication features on Brosix Enterprise, including Text chat, File transfer, Voice chat, Video chat, etc. All the features of Brosix Instant Messenger can be enabled/disabled from the Web Control Panel of your Instant Messaging Network. You can apply these changes to individual users, groups of users or all users. Brosix Enterprise gives you the freedom to individualize your IM Network.

Enabling and disabling user permissions

The network administrator can easily enable/disable features from the Web Control Panel in only a few steps:

  • Enter the Web Control Panel and select “Settings”
  • Select the option “Module Permissions Tab”
  • Select the communication features (modules) that you would like to enable or disable
  • Save all of your changes and they will be applied the next time your users log on

These changes can easily be applied to individual users, groups of users or all users, giving you the flexibility to create several communication policies.

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