Users messaging control

Control over users in Brosix messaging network


Manage Your Contacts

You have full control over your users’ contact lists

A feature available only in Brosix Enterprise

With Brosix, you are able to manage the contact lists of the users in your private Instant Messaging Network.

This feature also gives you an option to separate your company departments very easily with group chat options and customization!

You can allow only certain users from one department to communicate to users in another department.

For example, if you have 10 sales people and 20 support people, you can allow only Sales Manager to communicate with the Support Manager.

The other users in these departments communicate only inside the department.


If you would like to manage the contact list of a certain user, all you have to do is login the Web Control Panel, go to the Users section, and select the user account that you want to modify.


Import/Export users

A feature available only in Brosix Enterprise

Brosix Web Control Panel is full of features to ease the network administrator’s life. With a click of the mouse network owners can easily do bulk import of user accounts into their IM networks.

This is handy to avoid manual creation of hundreds of accounts. Network owners can also export user accounts for use in other systems.


Import/Export users


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