Co-Browsing Solutions

Show me what you see!

If you have ever tried to describe a process or explain what you are viewing during an online text chat, you know how difficult and inefficient it can be. The ability to simply show what you are doing can dramatically increase the efficiency of your communication.

Brosix’s Co-browsing Feature allows you to do just that, by giving you the ability to browse websites together with a friend, client or colleague by sharing the same screen view.

Brosix Co-browse

This can increase your ability to collaborate on specific tasks or projects, and eliminates the need to exchange links or URLs!

Through the Co-Browsing Feature you can simulate an in-person meeting by directly showing the website you are browsing. You can even couple Co-Browsing with other Brosix Features such as Voice Chat in order to simulate a more authentic and streamlined experience. This allows for a simple way to share and collaborate with your friends, colleagues and clients.

Simple user-to-user collaboration on your IM Network
The Co-Browsing Feature is easy to activate and simple to use. All it takes is a few clicks directly from your Contact List:

  • First, select the name of the contact you would like to work with from your Contact List
  • Click on the “Co-Browse” icon on the right side: Co-Browse
  • Type the URL address in the address field of the site you would like to browse together with your contact

Once you start the session, the same window will appear on your contacts screen, and you will be able to browse the web together.

Learn how browse the internet with your contacts now!