brosix for android 3.4

Brosix for Android version 3.4

February 21, 2014   News

More so today than ever before, the ability to communicate while on the go is extremely important. This is particularly true for business professionals who need to stay in touch with coworkers, supervisors, and clients among others.

A new Brosix 3.4 for Android is now available. It includes the new features:


  • Local chat history – you can review the chat history that you have with your contacts.
  • Sending pictures in background – sending pictures now is easier as you do not have to wait for the operation to be completed. You can lock your phone or put the Brosix app on the background but Brosix will still deliver the picture.

Brosix prioritizes the needs of our ever-growing user base and accepts the challenge to constantly improve the IM app.

Dpwnload Brosix for Android from Google Play