51 Funny and Relatable Work Memes to Make You Laugh

If you’ve had a long week or you’re starting one and need a sprinkle of joy, funny work memes are a great way to lift your spirits.

From helping us laugh at the most infuriating work habits, to memes showcasing the power of teamwork, you’re in for a treat!

Share your most relatable memes about work with your favorite colleagues, laugh together, and improve your day with some fun!

Funny Memes for When Times Get Tough at Work

In today’s fast-paced work environment, employee exhaustion is real.

Within the past several years, burnout has become an increasing problem that workers nowadays report facing.

Acknowledging burnout’s devastating impact on individuals and overall company productivity, more and more businesses are starting to implement well-being programs for their workers.

However, as many of these programs are still in the initial phases, it’s hard to generate impactful changes so early on.

Since humor is sometimes the best medicine and makes stressful situations more bearable, let’s have a peek at some funny work memes to sweeten your busy workday.

1. Another work day 🙁

me arraving at my job for another day of work

2. Pissed off but have to act nice.

When you've got a deep rage burning inside you but you've got to act nice because you're at work

3. Going home realizing that tomorrow I have to go back to work again.

me driving home from work knowing I'm only going home to eat and sleep so I can do it all again tomorrow

4. I’m better than ever.

when you have to pretend you're in a good mood at work

5. Vacation time is nice but going to work Every Single Day is even better.

when you get back from vacation and have to face the reality of going back to work tomorrow

6. I just don’t care.

when there's a problem at work but you don't get paid enough to care

7. Just the usual mental breakdown on Wednesday, no worries!

me walking back to my desk as If I didn't have a mental breakdown in the bathroom

8. Can’t go without a prayer before work.

when you pull up at your job, but you know you need a minute before you walk in

9. Is this the right workplace for me?

that moment at work... You realize that you made the wrong career choice

10. Getting ready for a work day full of sunshine and rainbows.

Getting ready for work

Film and Television have done an impressive job of glamourizing hustle culture through powerful and successful characters. Portraying an array of smart and wealthy business people who excel in their line of work. Aspirational jobs, fancy cars, and suave suits certainly have an impact.

From brilliant lawyers to thriving engineers and more, in movies, work often seems to kickstart an amazing life, with challenges that only drive gains ten times bigger.

Unfortunately, when compared to the real world, this all dissolves into nothing more than a mere fantasy.

Truthfully, for many employees nowadays, their jobs – instead of being a monetary gain of doing what one loves – have turned into rather suffocating sources of pressure and despair.

With little to no time for personal life and hobbies, employees are struggling with mental exhaustion now more than ever.

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Work Memes About Annoying Coworkers

Certainly, we’ve all had at least one colleague (or more) with whom establishing a productive work relationship – to put it tactfully – was a challenge.

While there are people who we may have an instant connection with, there are also people who unfortunately, we’re simply incompatible with. Which can make our work prosper, or quite the opposite, distract us.

While working with colleagues who aren’t necessarily close to our hearts, there can, however, be situations when we can have a good laugh.

Let’s see how many of these memes about work and colleagues you can relate to!

11. I’m always available but not today.

when my coworkers call me for help when I'm on vacation

12. Wait a minute…

when a coworker asks you a question so stupid, you have to take a minute to make sure you heard what you thought you heard

13. Leave me alone, I’m “working.”

that face you make when your coworker wont stop nagging you

14. Om, om, om…

when someone marks their emails as urgent, you really need to relax

15. Well, this email goes in the trash.

why do you keep cc'ing me on things that got nothing to do with me

16. Honestly, I love all of my coworkers, to death.

thans for sending me an email asking me to do something for you that it would have taken less time for you to do than it took for you to send me an email

17. I just don’t get it.

we all know someone at work that makes us wonder.. how did theyr ever get hired and how the hell do they still have this job?

18. Hello, everyone. I’m back!

me on my way to annoy my coworkers instead of being proctive

19. Someone is going to have a very bad day today.

replies to your email, unnessarily cc's supervisors to make you look bad

20. Dude, seriously…

when your boss asks you to train your replacement

As if work wasn’t tiring enough, there are those dreaded situations when colleagues make it even harder.

Surely we’ve all had busy days when we needed to focus and be productive, but it simply wasn’t possible because of lousy co-workers.

It’s one of the most irritating situations at work, isn’t it?

Thankfully, these kinds of distractions are somewhat more easily avoidable nowadays, thanks to remote work.

While there may be tons of messages buzzing, it’s different when you have the ability to take the time to read them. Wonderful, right?

One of the greatest advantages of remote work is that it makes room for some silence, focus, and productivity, thanks to the lack of direct distractions. Bye, bye lousy colleagues, hello silence and productivity!

If you’re still pretty new to this and haven’t had the chance to adjust to remote work yet, here are some helpful tips for nailing remote work: How to Work Remotely Like a Boss: A Crash Course.

Demanding Job Memes

When evaluating their workplace, employees usually focus on several aspects that sculpt their experiences and overall feelings toward their hiring company.

From an emotional rather than financial perspective, some of the most important among them are management, daily tasks and activities involved.

Firstly, management is a crucial factor for employee engagement and productivity. The most recent business statistics actually show that poor leadership is one of the main causes of dissatisfaction and frustration within the workplace.

Additionally, according to data, 50% of workers quit their bosses rather than their jobs, while nearly two-thirds of businesses report that employee retention is a much more pressing challenge than hiring.

Given the numbers and the dynamic demands of the modern work environment, companies need to ensure that their management is effective now more than ever.

Moreover, there are times when even the most satisfying job and workplace may drive employees mad. Particular tasks and projects, while having the ability to produce incredible fulfillment, can equally generate an unbelievable amount of stress. In the long run, this can become a deal breaker for someone being or aiming for a certain position within a company.

On the other hand, there are also those assignments that don’t raise enough challenges and growth opportunities for workers – that, in the end, also reduce employee retention.

Whether it’s poor management or dull or stressful projects that might be clouding today’s day, let’s brighten it with some funny work memes about energy and productivity.

21. Getting ready for work like a rock star.

getting ready for work like

22. This is alarming, but I don’t care.

me telling about the stress I am going through

23. It’s so relatable I’m gonna cry right here, right now.

thinking about the amount of work you have to complete within the next few weeks like

24. I knew productivity was my worst enemy.

my job has this cool thing, where if you do your job vere well, you get to do other peoples job too

25. OMG, I need a savior.

took one day off. has 1,000 messages

26. I just want to get out of here.

Get to the office early and no one bat an eye. Leave the office early and everybody loses their minds

With the modern business climate being so competitive, jobs have become more demanding than ever.

Consequently, for the degree of increased effort they put on day-to-day activities, employees should be rewarded in extended ways, not only financially.

Primarily due to a lack of understanding of this need, having an engaged and motivated workforce has become a pressing issue for plenty of businesses today. Which can harm their future growth and development.

Whether they’re working remotely or in the old-fashioned way, nowadays, employees struggle with staying motivated, productive and energized within the workplace.

To combat this, well-being programs and procedures should be taken into consideration for employees.

Some good starting points for this – that have proven most successful so far – are more feedback sessions, occasional team-building activities, training sessions for different skills acquisition and therapy.

Lastly, open communication and appreciation of people’s values are the other key aspects of long-term employee motivation and retention.

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Hilarious Work Meetings Memes

Ever since employees started to work remotely because of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual business calls have flooded workers’ calendars and schedules.

To keep employees up to speed with their team’s projects, departmental updates, and overall company news, new business calls emerge during their schedules constantly.

Moreover, according to the latest business meetings statistics, it seems that nowadays, the average worker spends at least three hours a week in meetings. Furthermore, organizations spend roughly 15% of their time on meetings.

However, different surveys indicate that about 71% of those business meetings are perceived as unproductive.

Throughout the pandemic, Zoom became most companies’ primary communication channel for virtual business calls. Therefore, it also became the number one setting for funny situations during virtual meetings, which were unavoidable.

While the internet became massively populated by funny work Zoom memes, we’ll give you the cream of the crop in the list below.

27. Man, you’re the best lol.

when your boss is always cracking lame jokes but oyu can't afford to lose your job

28. No way, remote work is what I signed up for.

9 am work meeting. Can you please all turn on your cameras?

29. I decided to stay a bit longer, OK?

When everyone is getting off the zoom call but you're struggling to ding the leave meeting button so then it's just you and the host

30. And that, son, is what they call motivation!

when you want the staff meeting to end and someone keeps asking questions

31. Best day ever…

when your manager calls in sick and you realise "today is gonna be a good day""

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Pretending to Work Memes

You know those days when your alarm goes off, you have to get your tasks rolling, but your brain simply cannot get on board and help you successfully get through the day?

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there.

The true test comes when the boss decides to pop in at that exact moment. Because then, instead of taking a power nap or refreshing your mind with some light-hearted social media content, you have to make it look like you’re killing it out there.

Truthfully, pretending to work also demands energy and can be almost as exhausting as actually getting your job done.

Somehow funny, somehow desperate, these types of situations are best summed up through a couple of relatable work memes, like the ones below.

32. Doing the best I can, as usual.

when the boss is coming and you need to pretend you're doing something

33. Faking the focus mode like a pro.

how I look at my computer screen at work when I'm pretending to be busy

34. Click, click, click. I’ve got this!

when the boss walks by and you gotta ack like you're working

35. Distractions at work? Bring them on.

I should really get back to work, ohh look another blue link

36. We are networking, boss 🙂

when you're chatting to your work buddy at work and your boss comes out of nowhere excting you to actually be working

37. What do you mean by “working at home”? Home is my happy place.

working at home "working"

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Teamwork Memes

Sometimes, life at the office (even when working remotely) can be more fun than you could ever have imagined. For this to happen, one needs passion for the job, and probably primarily – amazing coworkers.

Usually, united teams form when individuals have common hobbies and interests – outside of the professional environment.

Furthermore, in a group, effective collaboration is also influenced by every member’s communication style and how these blend when working together.

For example, people who easily express themselves and are more outgoing might not always interact as well with rather shy people.

Back to the importance of colleagues for a thriving work environment – it’s enough to say that a teams’ configuration and chemistry have a direct effect on employee retention.

Truthfully, there are times when only our coworkers are able to understand our struggles and frustrations. Because of this, powerful team bonds can be born and solidified through time.

Shared feelings and emotions, especially when triggered by the same experiences, make for the most powerful connections between people.

To show how important teamwork is within the workplace, we’ll showcase a few relatable situations through a series of teamwork memes.

38. For the love of my colleagues, I keep coming here every day.

when you hate your job, but you love your coworkers

39. We’re just sensing the same negative energy.

no bond is stronger than two co-workers who hate the same person

Effective communication and collaboration are crucial for a harmonious atmosphere, successful projects, and overall productivity, as highlighted by the funny work memes presented above.

Furthermore, to emphasize the value of workplace collaboration in the lives of real, successful professionals, we’ll also present a brief and inspiring teamwork communication quote from Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo – Global Keynote Speaker.

“Collaboration is beneficial because it facilitates sharing of skills, knowledge, and experience, while it also aids in the achievement of project objectives.”

Miscellaneous Funny Work Memes

Life within the workplace – either in the actual office or while working remotely – is full of surprises.

Usually, the best of them – or worst (depending on your perspective) is when someone announces they’re quitting their current job – or they’re going on vacation.

When that someone is a manager, the whole department may be getting ready to party and enjoy some chill days.

However, when that person is a colleague whose tasks will be divided between the entire team, making everyone’s days longer and busier, there’s not much to celebrate. Except if that’s the not-so-fun co-worker who usually spoils the fun.

For all these situations, we’ve prepared a selection of funny work memes we hope will make you laugh your head off.

40. Wow, just wow.

you ever look at one at your coworkers who is stressing out and think "you really give a fuck about this job huh? Wow"

41. Endless meetings, endless emails.

Me: this meeting could have been an email! Also me when I get an email

42. Coming home – can’t wait already.

when you haven't even gone to sleep yet and you already can't wait to come home from work tomorrow

43. Basically, the full package.

Things I have about my job - getting out of bed, people, working

44. It’s ME time now, understood.

when someone tries to talk to me

45. Oh, I’m in heaven.

that moment when you remember you have monday off

46. Sorry, I lost my phone for two days.

when work phones you on a weekend, but you don't work weekends

47. New job, baby.

when you get a new job and ditch your old one

48. Life is a rollercoaster. It’s all about finding balance. 

goint to the office on your won initiative, going to the office because its mandatory

49. Not to sound desperate, but…

interviewer: why do you want this job me: I've always been passianate about being able to afford food

50. I can’t deal with this right now.

wjne you're about to leave work and the boss says "before you go...""

51. Boss, I “got the flu.” the only time I get up early for work is to write the email saying I'm not coming into work

Final Thoughts: Laugh It Off Like a Boss

Some funny memes about work may actually turn your day around, make it lighter and you more productive, as you get to give a quick reset to your brain and unwind.

Humor is a great way to combat mental fatigue, and such remedies are needed in this often cutthroat work landscape, where new meetings, projects, and tasks arise overnight and drain our energy.

What about you – what are your favorite work memes?

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