14 International Chat Apps for Personal and Work Communication in 2024

Communication apps are a must-have in today’s interconnected world. They’re a lifeline as more and more people go abroad for work, education, and leisure. With a stable internet connection, you can send text messages and other data, while voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology allows you to make phone calls, no matter where in the world the other party is, and often for free.

Chat apps aren’t just for free international text messages and calls, though. As remote work takes hold across the globe, these apps can help employers and employees meet the challenges of telecommuting, such as real-time collaboration across long distances and time zones.

The Best International Chat Apps for 2024

So which apps are the best for chatting internationally? Whether you’re collaborating at work or just checking in with friends and family back home, we’ll break it down for you below.

1. Skype: The best app for international chat and low-cost calling


Skype needs no introduction. The pioneering platform has provided reliable communication capabilities since 2003. Skype users can chat one to one, in groups, or via voice and video technology over a range of devices. A fully functioning telecommunications application, Skype allows users to send SMS messages and call landline phones at reduced rates through credit purchased on the platform. It’s a great option for chatting with coworkers or friends back home.

When it comes to business use specifically, Skype for Business was discontinued in 2021 and replaced by Microsoft Teams.

Skype pricing: Free

Pros and cons

Skype ProsSkype Cons
Clean and intuitive interface, available on multiple platforms, and quick setup.Call quality can suffer with slow internet speeds.
Free video chats for up to 100 participants with no time limitsNo built-in language translation services.
Screen sharing and file transferSome users report poor customer support and slow resolution of issues

Available on: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Kindle Fire, Xbox One

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 1.4 (Stars) from 1,498 people
  • Capterra 4.3 (Stars) from 445 people
  • G2 4.3 (Stars) from 23,170 people

2. Chatox: The most versatile free chat app


Chatox is a feature-rich chat app powered by Brosix. It’s a versatile choice for users looking to take their messaging capabilities to the next level without compromising on security or budget. With Chatox, you get direct text chatting, chat rooms, voice and video chats, and tons of other tools to enhance communication. Share your screen, capture and send screenshots, transfer unlimited files, and collaborate visually on the whiteboard. Fully encrypted peer-to-peer connections with optional anti-virus integration make Chatox a secure, sensible communication solution.

Chatox pricing: Free

Pros and cons

Chatox Pros Chatox Cons
Real-time instant messagingMay appear to have a less modern interface
Superior voice and video call qualitySlow synchronization of message history across devices 
Antivirus protection and encrypted peer-to-peer channels

Available on: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux

3. Viber: The best app for synching chat across devices

14 International Chat Apps for Personal and Work Communication in 2024 1

Viber is a popular platform for international messaging. It’s a multi-platform application that syncs between any device you use, allowing you to chat seamlessly with other Viber users from mobile, desktop, or tablet. Viber is fully encrypted, meaning any chats, calls, community discussions, and media shared on Viber are protected and private. What’s more, with Viber Out, you can call any landline or mobile number globally, even if they don’t have Viber.

Viber pricing: Free

Pros and cons

Viber ProsViber Cons
Free messaging and calling between Viber usersSometimes there are issues like poor sound and high battery drain for video and voice calls
Group chat functionalityInability to add contacts in the desktop version
A wide selection of stickers and emojisOccasional syncing issues between mobile and desktop

Available on: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 1.4 (Stars) from 159 people
  • Capterra 4.7 (Stars) from 4,007 people

4. WhatsApp: The most popular chat app internationally


If you’ve got an international audience, WhatsApp is a sure bet. With VoIP and instant messaging software, you get direct messages and group chat on an interface that resembles SMS text messaging. You can also make voice and video calls and share content, including images, documents, and user locations. A limited business version provides a business profile, some automated messaging capabilities, and usage metrics. With more than 1.5 billion users, wherever in the world your contacts are, there’s a good chance they’re on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp pricing: Free

Pros and cons

WhatsApp ProsWhatsApp Cons
WhatsApp is straightforward and accessible to a wide range of usersLimits on file size can be a hassle for sharing large documents or videos
Offers free messaging and calling with end-to-end encryptionLacks tools for business communication management
Multimedia and document sharingCan be slow and sometimes crashes, frustrating users

Available on: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 1.6 (Stars) from 943 people
  • Capterra 4.7 (Stars) from 15,738 people
  • G2 4.6 (Stars) from 60 people

5. Telegram: The best app for large-group communication


If you’re looking to communicate in groups without limitations, Telegram’s got you covered.

Supergroups can accommodate up to 200,000 people, skyrocketing communication with followers and lead generation potential. Groups can be admin-controlled and private, or publicly searchable and open to all through an invitation link. Gaining in popularity overseas, Telegram users can chat via text, video, or voice, including persistent conferencing that members can join and leave as they wish.

Just know that Telegram chats aren’t encrypted by default. Telegram has reserved that for its secret chats only, and that could lull you into a false sense of security.

Telegram pricing: Free

Pros and cons

Telegram ProsTelegram Cons
Secret chats are end-to-end encrypted.End-to-end encryption is not available by default.
Includes group chats, channels, bots, and stickersSmaller user base compared to other messaging apps
Data is stored in the cloud, accessible from multiple devices.Requires contact permissions, raising privacy concerns

Available on: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Web

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 1.9 (Stars) from 396 people
  • Capterra 4.7 (Stars) from 6,273 people

6. Signal: The best app for secure international messaging


It’s normal to be concerned about security when communicating internationally. Signal Messenger is an encrypted chat app that goes to great lengths to protect you. In addition to being fully encrypted, Signal is open-source, meaning its source code is open to examination and improvement. Signal also hides metadata, including the message sender. You won’t get lots of extras with Signal. But you can be sure that what you do get—texting capabilities, voice and video calls, and file sharing—is fully secure.

Signal pricing: Free

Pros and cons

Signal ProsSignal Cons
Provides strong end-to-end encryption for all messages, voice calls, and video callsProviding a phone number is mandatory for signing up
Includes message reaction emojis, encrypted stickers, and view-once mediaSome users report occasional problems sending and receiving messages.
Allows messages to disappear from devices after a set timeSmaller user base compared to other messaging apps

Available on: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

User rating:

  • Trustpilot 2.7 (Stars) from 41 people
  • G2 4.4 (Stars) from 441 people

7. Google Chat (Hangouts): The best App for integration with Google Services

Google Chat

Google Chat (formerly Hangouts) is a cross-platform messaging app from Google. You will need a Google account, but from there you can chat one-to-one, set up a group for friends or coworkers, and make voice calls with other Google Chat users through Google Meet, either from your browser or the mobile app. Google Meet allows you to register your phone number and communicate for free within the U.S. or Canada, as well as call and text internationally at lower rates.

Google Chat pricing: Free as part of Google Workplace’s plans: Starter at $6 per user per month; Business Standard at $12 per user per month; Business Plus at $18 per user per month; Enterprise at a custom price.

Pros and cons

Google Chat ProsGoogle Chat Cons
Facilitates effective coordination and collaboration with a user-friendly UIOffers fewer customization options compared to other platforms
Seamless integration with Google Tools, such as Gmail and Google Calendar.Requires high RAM and internet speed, with the mobile app consuming significant phone memory
Benefits of Google’s state-of-the-art security infrastructureNon-Google users may face a learning curve, impacting adoption rates

Available on: Android, iOS, Web

User ratings: Capterra 4.5 (Stars) from 2,301 people

8. WeChat: The best app for chatting in Asia


WeChat hasn’t gained a strong footing in the West. But if you’re looking to do business in Asia or just chat with friends there, WeChat is a must. With more than a billion users, WeChat is messaging, social media, and mobile payment all rolled into one. You can chat, share photos and videos, and make voice and video calls, as well as access other useful features like news, maps, and e-payments. Just take heed of some documented risks to privacy and proceed with an element of caution.

WeChat pricing: Free

Pros and cons

WeChat ProsWeChat Cons
WeChat is free to use, offering all services as long as it is connected to the internetOwner Tencent has access to user data and may collaborate with the Chinese government, compromising privacy
Allows sending or receiving files up to 100MBLacks end-to-end encryption for messages, raising concerns about third-party access
Offers WeChatPay, a virtual wallet service for quick and secure paymentsThe interface can be challenging to navigate, leading to usability issues

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 1.9 (Stars) from 36 people
  • G2 4.7 (Stars) from 14 people

9. Discord: The best app for persistent voice communication


Discord is a chat app best known in the gaming community. That’s because its always-on voice chat has proven itself invaluable for gamers. But Discord isn’t just for gamers. Discord servers, or communities, bring users together to discuss everything from pop music to stock trading. Companies have even begun using Discord for simple team text chatting, screen sharing, and overlay capabilities that allow you to text and voice chat at the same time.

For more on the VoIP messaging platform, check out our Discord review.

Discord pricing: Freemium; Nitro Basic for $2.99/month; Nitro for $9.99/month for higher-quality video and larger file uploads

Pros and cons

Discord ProsDiscord Cons
Easy to install and set up, accessible to users of all ages and skill levelsFile sharing for free is limited to up to 25MB.
Integrates well with other platforms and tools, such as Clickup, Google Calendar, and YouTubeConsumes significant memory space, which can be a concern for users with limited resources
Provides a secure environment with end-to-end encryption, moderation tools, and private serversOccasional server lags and outages

Available on: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Web

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 1.5 (Stars) from 1,057 people
  • Capterra 4.7 (Stars) from 433 people

10. Facebook Messenger: The best chat app for integration with Facebook

Facebook Messenger

It’s hard to imagine a conversation around communication that doesn’t include Facebook. With around 2 billion users, the social network is easily the world’s biggest communication platform. If that’s not reason enough to consider Messenger, you can send other users messages, record audio messages, make voice calls, exchange photos and other media, and even hold group video chats. Just remember that Messenger is a free instant messenger and its integration with Facebook subjects you to the network’s data-sharing practices.

Messenger pricing: Free

Pros and cons

Messenger ProsMessenger Cons
Connects directly to Facebook’s chat system for quicker sending and receiving of messagesMessenger’s interface can feel cluttered with ads, features, and information.
Provides end-to-end encryption for conversationsConstant message notifications can be distracting and interrupt productivity
Supports voice and video calls, even internationallyRuns in the background and can quickly drain device batteries

Available on: Windows, Android, iOS, Web

User ratings: Trustpilot 1.6 (Stars) from 244 people

11. RingCentral: The best platform for global phone, messaging, and meetings


If you’re after Zoom-style video conferencing but with exclusive messaging features, give RingCentral a look. With RingCentral, you get integrated phone, messaging, and video meetings. You can make unlimited calls within the U.S. and Canada and take advantage of different overseas calling plans. Team messaging workspaces provide threaded chats, file sharing, screen sharing, and business SMS text messaging from a dedicated RingCentral phone number. RingCentral gives you a number of options to meet your international communication needs.

RingCentral pricing: Core at $20 per user per month; Advanced at $25 per user per month; Ultra at $35 per user per month. These prices are for an annual subscription.

Pros and cons

RingCentral ProsRingCentral Cons
User-friendly interface requiring little trainingFrequent updates that can cause lags during presentations
High-quality audio and videoRingCentral’s screen sharing is limited, with mobile users only able to view, not annotate
Works with popular business apps, such as Slack, Google Workspace, and Salesforce

Available on: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Web

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 2.3 (Stars) from 728 people
  • G2 4.0 (Stars) from 132 people

12. Slack: The best chat app for integrating with third-party software


Slack is a business communication platform best known for its ability to connect to other apps and software. Companies all over the world use Slack to sync internal communication and streamline workflows and processes. You can chat one-to-one or in groups that can be public or private and feature threaded messages. You also get audio and video calls, screen sharing, and file sharing. But Slack’s bread and butter is its ability to integrate with more than two thousand third-party applications, like Google Drive, Salesforce, and Trello.

Explore our recent Slack review to learn more!

Slack pricing: Free 10K messages and 10 integrations; Pro Plan at $7.25 per user per month; Business+ at $12.50 per user per month; Enterprise Grid at a custom price.

Pros and cons

Slack ProsSlack Cons
Neatly arranged chats in channels for smooth collaborationPossible notification overload that can cause distractions, especially for larger teams
Connects teams globally and integrates with numerous apps and toolsAccess is restricted to the most recent 90 days of message and file history (for the free version)
Allows tailoring of communication and workflow through apps and botsNew users may find it challenging to navigate due to its many features and integrations

Available on: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Web

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 2.9 (Stars) from 276 people
  • Capterra 4.7 (Stars) from 23,217 people
  • G2 4.5 (Stars) from 32,576 people

13. Twist: The best application for simple asynchronous communication


One of the challenges of communicating internationally is managing its asynchronous nature. When you’re chatting across time zones, someone’s always playing catch-up. Twist helps you cope by automatically turning conversations into threads and then filtering them into an inbox. This way, responses that are relevant to you aren’t buried in streams of conversation. Twist integrates with the productivity app Todoist, and you can invite freelancers or guests to the platform. It’s a great option if you’re working with digital nomads.

Twist pricing: Free; Unlimited at $6 per user per month, billed yearly

Pros and cons

Twist ProsTwist Cons
Keeps conversations organized and on the topic using threadsFewer integrations and add-ons compared to other apps
Encourages flexibility in responses, reducing the need for back-to-back meetingsNo built-in audio or video call capabilities; requires connecting to third-party apps

Available on: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Web

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 3.8 (Stars) from 3 people
  • Capterra 4.3 (Stars) from 36 people
  • G2 3.9 (Stars) from 19 people

14. Brosix: The best app for managing international team communication


Brosix is an all-in-one instant messaging software for businesses. With a combination of real-time messaging, collaboration, and advanced control features, Brosix is built to manage team communication, from distributed office branches to remote teams and everything in between.

Each Brosix Team Network is fully administrable. Network administrators not only have the power to authorize who can join the network but also fully manage user contact lists, shared chat spaces, access to features on a user basis, individual data security levels, and much more.

Communication and collaboration are secure yet intuitive. Each text message, chat room conversation, and audio and video call is encrypted end-to-end. Screen sharing with remote desktop control, unlimited file transfers, screenshots, and the virtual whiteboard are never more than a click away.

Brosix pricing: Free Team Network for up to 3 users; Business at $4 per user per month; Enterprise at $6 per user per month

Pros and cons

Brosix ProsBrosix Cons
Simple to use and configureIssues with notifications, navigation, and quitting the app
Plenty of integrations are available: Shopify, Hubspot, Github, etc.Limited integrations compared to other apps
Offers end-to-end encryption for all communication

Available on: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Web

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 4.3 (Stars) from 14 people
  • Capterra 4.6 (Stars) from 71 people
  • G2 4.7 (Stars) from 44 people
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The Upshot

There are tons of international chat apps to help you easily and affordably communicate abroad. But you don’t have to use them all. Most people pick a handful that serve as their go-to apps. Most are free or feature free trials so you can test-drive each one at your convenience. Just keep in mind that most messenger apps require both parties to use them.

If you’re communicating for business, go with a secure, instant messaging app for teams, like Brosix. Combining real-time messaging, collaboration, and advanced control features, Brosix is built to manage international team communication. Sign up for a demo today.

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