What is Peer to Peer file transfer

What is a Peer to Peer File Transfer?

October 7, 2016   Instant Messaging

Peer to peer file transfer is the process of sharing digital data from one device to another. The transfer is between 2 end users, computers, connected through Internet. To conduct a P2P transfer, users need to install Peer to Peer software.

Brosix offers P2P unlimited file size transfer as part of its features package. The speed of transfer only depends on the Internet connection.

Benefits of sending/receiving file P2P!

Sharing files with the P2P transfer is an efficient way to send big size files, quickly, without exposing data to external reach. You can send large files as videos, audio files, photos, raw format files. Most of the software, which is using P2P sharing technology, has limitations, while Brosix does not limit file size transfer.

P2P file transfer has even more important role in the overall computer experience. Because it is a direct transfer, without external networks storage, it has its legal benefits. Data send and received is staying in the peers network. No one has access to it, the files are not stored for future download and it takes the space of peers’ computers only.

Why is Brosix P2P file transfer safe?

Brosix will scan each send/receive file, using the file sharing function, by activating the antivirus program installed on your device.

P2P file transfer is the future of legally protected data

Some companies forbid the usage of external file storage transfer services, which limits the possibilities for quick data transfer. Brosix P2P secured file transfer is only part of the messaging features, which will increase productivity and safety of business collaboration.

How large are the large files?

Brosix has no limit size for its file sharing service. The usual limits of 1GB, 5GB set by the cloud storage service providers are away from Brosix possibilities, because the only limitation is the storage of your device.

The unlimited file size sharing feature is quite useful for Video production companies, Advertising agencies, Architecture studios. Legal companies will definitely benefit from the safe file transfer in a combination with secured private network.

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