Case Study – Hild Collision Center

About Hild Collision Center

Hild Collision Center is a leading auto body repair shop in Northern California. Located in Redding, California, Hild Collision Center partners with leading automobile dealerships and insurance companies to provide customer centered service to its clients. Hild Collision Center is an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau and holds several awards for customer service.

The Challenge

The ever-changing Instant Messaging market can become disorienting for users used to traditional instant messaging programs, like the now defunct Yahoo Instant Messenger or AIM. Without the right choice in program, users’ learning curve can be much longer, leading to decreased communication. Finding a program that is both familiar in terms of user interface similar to older programs, and cutting edge in terms of the features it offers, can be a challenge.

The Solution

While offering unique advanced features, Brosix also provides a familiar interface for more experienced users looking for an IM application that resembles those more traditional programs. This helps to ensure that users will feel comfortable with Brosix, will learn how to use the program more quickly, and thus are more likely to use an IM application in their day to day communication.

The Conclusion

The introduction of a dedicated Instant Messenger at the workplace can bring numerous benefits, but in order to be successful it must be done in a way that takes the needs of the end users into account. Many IM users are more comfortable with traditional IM programs that have been on the market for years. Brosix is able to bridge the gap between familiarity and innovation, allowing businesses to more effectively experience the benefits of an IM program.

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