ISHM Case Study - Monique Grannum

The Institute for Safety and Health Management (ISHM), provides industry-recognized, third-party accredited certifications for EHS professionals.

The organization’s “commitment statement” says it all:

ISHM is dedicated to serving all industries by providing accredited EHS Management certifications that improve safety for workers and value for employers.”

The Importance of Internal Communication

In order for ISHM to provide the highest quality service and certifications, the organization must work in an efficient manner at all times. This means a targeted focus on internal communication.

Monique Grannum, a key employee at ISHM, took the time to share some of her thoughts on internal communication, why it’s important to the organization, and how Brosix has stepped in to fill a void.

When asked why ISHM requires an instant messaging service for office communication, Monique noted the following:

Everyone in the company works remotely. We are in separate locations. Each department works very closely with each other and is in constant communication. Instant messaging cuts down on the email traffic between us. Questions or request can be seen and answered by all.”

High Level Features, High Level of Success

With many tools, the difference between success and failure lies in the number of features. This is an area in which Brosix excels.
Monique explained that ISHM enjoys many of its features, but “the group chat feature is the most commonly used feature for our company. It allows us to address all concerns and all be on the same page in terms of task responsibility and any other simple questions or concerns that need immediate attention.”

Save Time with an Instant Messenger

Regardless of the organization, industry, or location, nothing changes the fact that “time is money.” This is not lost on the team at ISHM.

“Most office communication is done using Brosix. It allows for an immediate response thereby allowing a more consistent work flow and productivity. Sometimes you just have a quick question that requires a quick response… instant messaging is perfect for this reason,” added Monique.

Final Thought

With the help of ISHM, many people are able to receive the certifications they need. At Brosix, we are proud to partner with such an organization. When the company was asked to describe Brosix in a single sentence, here was the response:

“Fast access and communication at your fingertips.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

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